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Mike’s Auto Trader was developed by Michael Freeman, who has an almost legendary status among binary options traders. He has a YouTube channel with 15,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos. Michael also promises to answer every question asked by his subscribers. In this review, I will describe the most important features of this software, compare it to other binary option robots and tell you what kind of investor can benefit most from using it.

Mike’s Auto Trader is:

  • Not just trading software, but also a community;
  • An excellent signal provider. It provides completely accurate signals, which are especially useful for traders who struggle to trade binary options by themselves;
  • All Michael Freeman’s knowledge gathered in one place to help you earn more money;
  • Completely free for all our readers.

The first version of Mike’s Auto Trader was developed a few years ago, but since then, Mike has applied many upgrades, which have significantly improved this binary options robot. However, you do not have to take my word for it. Watch this excellent video demo, to see Michael explain why you should try his auto trader.

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Mike’s Auto Trader Review

Mike’s Auto Trader is not just trading software; it is more like a community of binary options traders through which you can interact with others and develop your skills as a trader. The software is a sort of extra freebie that you will get if you decide to join this community. The most important free “feature” that you will get is the extensive knowledge and help of Michael Freeman. He is one of the most competent binary options trader around. The kind of following he has nowadays did not happen by accident. It is obvious that Michael has done many things right and is truly supportive of and helpful to everyone who has joined his community. Below are two actual testimonials about Michael Freeman and his auto trader.


Most Important features

  • The auto trader is 100% free. Mike used to require donations to charity, but it is not mandatory to our readers. By registering the software, you will also get access to his exclusive Facebook group. We cannot promise that this offer will last forever, so I recommend that you register immediately.
  • It is 100% web based. You do not need to download anything. So, the software does not take your valuable processing power. Mike has tested the compatibility of the software with every operating system, so it doesn’t matter if you use Mac OS X, Windows, or another operating system. This binary robot always works like a charm.
  • Traders from all countries are welcome. Mike does not discriminate, so it does not matter if you are from the United States or from Turkey; you are more than welcome to use his auto trader. This is an extremely important feature now that many brokers have set restrictions on customers from certain countries.
  • Compatible with trusted broker sites. The auto trader is only compatible with the most trustworthy brokers, such as and AnyOption, which have hundreds of thousands of customers and years of experience, so you do not have to worry about being scammed.
  • Michael Freeman has put his name and reputation on the line with this software. This is actually not a feature, but an important fact. When real people put their face and reputation on the line, you can be completely sure that they have honest intentions; this is precisely the case with Michael Freeman.
  • Extremely easy to setup. Even complete beginners can start using this software; actually, it is one of the best options if you are a novice investor, considering the fact that, with this robot, you will also get extensive educational materials and help from Michael Freeman to help develop your investing skills.
mike's auto trader review features
Mike’s Auto Trader is not just a robot. When you start to use the software, you also join the community.

Other Important Facts

  • It is actually not a binary robot, but a signal provider. Unlike other robots, Mike’s Auto Trader is a signal provider, not fully automated trading software. You cannot go to the beach or work and let the auto trader make you money without any effort. You have to set the final investments yourself. Therefore, the final responsibility is always yours.
  • Only a limited amount of trades per day. This software is more conservative, you will not get a huge number of signals per day, you will only get the best ones, signals which have the highest probability to be profitable. If you are a high volume trader, I recommend that you also use other auto traders beside this, so that you can get enough trades.
  • It is able to provide winning signals consistently. In my own test, I have obtained a little over 70% return rate, and 15 out of the 20 signals that the software provided went right, which is much more than what some of the other auto traders are able to produce. Mike’s Auto Trader is especially good in predicting movements of currency pairs. Actually, if you are into forex trading, this robot is almost mandatory if you want to make as much profit as possible.
mike's auto trader facebook community
After you have registered the auto trader, you will also be able to join Mike’s exclusive Facebook group.

Mike’s Auto Trader vs. Other Binary Robots

There are some similarities but also some big differences between Mike’s Auto Trader and other binary robots. Certain kinds of investor will benefit from different software. Next, I will reveal who should use Mike’s software and who should perhaps use another binary robot.

Who Should Use This Software?

  • Investors who need a mentor. If you are looking for a binary options mentor, there is no one better than Michael Freeman. He has many years of experience with binary options and teaching others how to earn with them. In addition, it is completely obvious that he stands by his word and does what he promises. Therefore, if you have noticed that you can learn new things easier with the assistance of an excellent coach, this software is the right choice for you.
  • Investors who are eager learners. If you have a passion for learning new things, the resources provided with this robot are huge. You get to talk to other investors on a daily basis, to network and to learn from successful investors from all over the world; and best of all you will probably earn a lot of money.
  • Investors who are social by nature. If you are a social person by nature and if you like to talk with people, share information and ask questions when something comes to mind, then Mike’s Auto Trader is probably the right binary robot for you. Even though Mike does not market it that way, you could call it a social trading platform in the same way Copyop
  • Investors who want to earn as much money as possible and are willing to work hard for it. If you just want to earn “easy money” with binary options (which may be possible until more investors discover this opportunity), Mike’s is not the right choice; but if you want to do this for years or perhaps decades, Mike’s Auto Trader is the way to go. With it, you will develop your skills, not just your wallet, which means that, in the future, you can stay ahead of those investors who started later on and are not willing to work as hard as you. If you want to be a professional binary options investor at some point in time, then this auto trader is ideal for you.
  • Those who are interested in Michael Freeman as a person. Let’s face it, Mike is very charismatic, generous (he has already donated over $20,000 of his profits to charity), a great teacher and an overall straightforward person. If this software were to be marketed by the typical software developer or investor, it would not be as popular as it is today. Mike is the kind of person you really want as a mentor.
mike's auto trader trading platform
Mike’s Auto Trader trading platform is clear and user-friendly.

This Software Might Not Be Suitable For

  • Investors who want to “get off light”. If you just want to earn money easily without any work, Binary Option Robot is better option. However, using Mike’s Auto Trader is a better option than investing fully independently, even if you want to “get off light”.
  • Investors who are not interested in binary options. If you do not have any interest in binary options, then this is not the easiest way to earn money. In this case, I recommend some physical work which always be in demand, such as lawn cutting or driving a taxi. In order to succeed, you will need to have at least some kind of interest in and motivation for studying new things and asking questions.
  • Investors that don’t have time to use the software. Considering this robot is not fully automated, you need to have at least 1-2 hours a day, 2 or 3 days a week to put the trades on. If you want the best possible results, then you should be ready to spend even more time using the auto trader.
  • If you are a high volume trader and want to use only one application. Considering the number of signals you will receive is not high, if you are trading a high volume and do not want to use more than one binary robot at a time for some reason, then Mike’s Auto Trader may not be the best option for you. Despite this, I recommend you sign up now while the software is available free of charge. If you later want to start using more applications at the same time, then you will be able to access Mike’s services without any additional charge.

How Does The Mike’s Auto Trader Work?

As with other binary robots, this software is based on the use of pre-defined algorithms. These algorithms are developed and kept secret by Michael Freeman. If these were public, anyone could calculate the formula and develop their own auto trader with the use of Mike’s formula. Due to copyright issues of binary options applications still under development, legal actions against thieves would be extremely difficult and expensive to conduct, especially when thieves operate in countries where it would be almost impossible to catch them. Therefore, we were forced to choose the second best option, which is to provide the signals but keep the formulas secret. This does not affect you as an investor in any way; you will get the same signals in the same way.

How Much Can You Earn With The Software?

This is perhaps the question that has been on your mind since you started reading this article. The straight answer is that, it is impossible to say, it depends on many factors. What is your level of knowledge when you start? What amount of money you start with? How big of a risk you are willing to take? Some people earn thousands of dollars in a week. Some lose small sums of money at the beginning, before they start generating profit. I recommend Mike’s Auto Trader as a long-term tool. Do not think about how much you will earn instantly; instead, think that you are trying to become the best possible investor, and that you have access to this great resource completely free of charge in order to speed up this process and make it easier.

Is Mike’s Auto Trader a Scam?

Mike’s Auto Trader is definitely not a scam. Actually, it has all the main features that completely prove that it was only made with honest intentions. These facts show it is not a scam:

  • There is an actual person behind the software. Scammers would not bother to do something like this. In truth, it would be stupid to do so; if you try to scam people with your own face, you will surely be discovered and caught. In addition, all the people you scam would also try to find you in order to get their money back. No scammer would be willing to risk their own reputation and name.
  • The software is available for free. Scammers always try to steal people’s money as quickly as possible. Why would they offer this software for free? Scammers may lure customers with a free auto trader, so that trust is gained, before scamming them. Still, this is not the easiest way to scam people and definitely not the case here.
  • Mike’s Auto Trader is professional looking. It is clear that a lot of time and money has been applied to its development. Scammers would not waste their time and money on such a venture; instead, they would quickly create simple software to serve their dishonest purposes.


Conclusion and Overall Rating

Mike’s Auto Trader is one of the most fascinating binary robots currently available on the market. Both experienced and inexperienced investors will benefit greatly from its use. Even in my short test, I have clearly noticed how much I can benefit from using the software. In the future, I will also use it on a regular basis, considering I have no reason not to, especially because I can get it free of charge. Michael Freeman seems to be a man of principle and values, so I am sure that the software will continue evolving at a rapid pace. I will be really surprised if it is still available for free a year from now.

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Author: Michael Allen

Michael Allen is the main author at www.binaryoptionrobotinfo.com. He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked in investment banking for 24 years.


Michael Allen

Michael Allen is the main author at www.binaryoptionrobotinfo.com. He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked in investment banking for 24 years.


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