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Fast Cash Biz Review: One revolutionary change that the internet has brought to the world is in currency trading. Forex trading has become so much easier and accessible to so many people in the last few years. For so long this was the purview of a few, now anybody can join in the trade and trade from anywhere, anytime. This has been made possible by the advent of binary options trading, which has morphed into automated systems known as binary options robots.

These robots have done currency traders a major favor; they have removed from the trader the stress of gathering information and doing complex analysis which may be used to make informed trades. What you should know is that not all binary robots are genuine and you will need to study each one of them carefully lest you lose your money to a scammer. Here you will learn all you need to know about one of the binary robots in the market today, Fast Cash Biz.

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What You Need To Know About Fast Cash Biz

This binary robot was created by one Madison Clark and one David Graham who say that their creation is the result of many years of trading in forex and meticulous research. The creators claim that the software they created has enabled them to make a fortune; precisely in excess of $55 million in the short span of three years. This, they claim, is money that you too can make if you decide to use their system to trade in binary options. This brazen claim is the reason you need to find out more about Fast Cash Biz and how it conducts its affairs.

This system claims that it can automatically generate accurate signals to help you make lots of money in binary options trading. All you need to do is sign up, make a deposit, and start trading right away. This doesn’t seem so different to other claims so it might be interesting to see what it is that they do differently.

Trading With Fast Cash Biz

The landing page of the Fast Cash Biz website is fairly basic. It features a grayish background and is dominated by a sales video. Apparently, this is the most important thing, the thing they want you to do. Watch the video to its end before doing anything else. The only other thing on the front page is the Fast Cash Biz logo and an email capture button. There is no ‘About us’ if that is what you, like many other people, look for first when you’re looking at such a website.

The Video

This promotional video is the only thing you will have access to as a non-member. You will need to register to have access to any other information about Fast Cash Biz. If you were not impressed enough by the video and that is as far as your knowledge on this program will go.

The video begins with a waterfront scene showing two people, a woman and a man who introduce themselves as Madison Clark and David Graham. These are the names of the software creators. They will go on and claim their software netted them a cool $55 million in three years. They then drive to a private plane where they proceed to board. Once settled for their three-hour flight to their property in Colorado, they explain to you and attempt to show you proof of the fact that Fast Cash Biz will actually make you thousands of dollars and do so very fast. What do they use to convince you that their program is the best thing you have ever come across? They introduce some of the beneficiaries who give impassioned stories about how the program changed their lives with financial rewards they never thought possible. The fact that they claim to have made this windfall with a program that was still in the testing phases meant to show you how you can make much more now that the software is up and running.
Fast Cash Biz promises high returns in a short period of time. But these promises are not 100%  honest.

The Program

Fast Cash Biz is a binary options robot that specializes in the generation of signals that help binary options traders make good and profitable trades most of the time. The developers claim that these signals are derived from real-time financial data on currencies and indices and from analysis done by experienced professionals in the currency trade. This is supposed to help the modern-day trader who is not an expert in forex trading. Traders who may not have the time to do all the necessary analysis fast enough to make successful trades. Since the values are not static, the robot assists with all the donkey work of collecting the financial data needed, synthesizing and analyzing it to give you the winning signals you need.

Fast Cash Biz generates signals for trades with expiry periods of one minute to one hour. This means that if you are interested in trades with longer expiry periods, you will need to look elsewhere. These signals will then assist you to make a correct prediction on whether the price of one currency against another will go up or down by the end of the predetermined period. Making the correct prediction is what will earn you a profit while a losing prediction will lose you the money you had invested in the prediction.

One negative thing about Fast Cash Biz is that you will be required to register with the program developers’ preferred broker. This means that the program is not compatible with those of other brokers. The disadvantage here is that if you had been trading positively with another broker but you were not comfortable with the binary option robot you were trading with, you cannot bring him on board when you are on this particular platform.

To begin trading with Fast Cash Biz, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250. It is this deposit that will allow you to have access to the trading program. You can make higher deposits depending on the level at which you want to trade. What you need to remember is that you will be trading only with the brokers of their choice which raises serious suspicions.

The Promises

Fast Cash Biz is neither the first nor will it be the last binary robot to promise you astronomical profits for trading with their program. This is normal and the fancy claims by the creators of making $55 million in three years should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Fast Cash Biz are promising a success rate of not less than 80% and rising to 90% when you are on a good run. The truth of the matter is that Fast Cash Biz is not very different from other binary options and none of them are so successful that they will make you a million in a matter of months. The truth is that these accuracy figures are not easily attainable, even by professional traders with many years of experience.

fast cash biz review
The developers are claiming that they have made millions with the software, but there is no way to check if these claims are true or false. This means that they are almost for 100% sure false.

Traders’ Experiences With Fast Cash Biz

  • A program making millionaires out of ordinary people ought to be public news. People who have created a perfect binary options program and that program is making millionaires out of ordinary people in three months ought to be public news and the global financial press should have picked up this story. Since there is not much public information about these characters, many traders are skeptical about the outfit and its programs.
  • It is an undeniable fact that Fast Cash Biz’s claims of helping you make a million dollars in a few months are just that, claims.This is because the binary options market has not found one trader, experienced or rookie, to confirm these claims. The best thing you can do is to disregard them in the first place and study the program for what it can actually do and what it cannot.
  • The lack of customer support raises concerns. When traders complain about the state of the customer support of a binary options program, you had better take notice because that is exactly what you will be about to encounter if you decide to sign up with that robot. The general mood the traders have on the customer support practices of Fast Cash Biz is nothing but pathetic. It seems the best thing for them is to join and then you are practically on your own.
  • Fast Cash Biz is not fully automated. A fully automated robot does not just provide signals; it also makes winning trades on your behalf. The implication here is that if you are not well versed with binary options, you are likely to make losing trades. It is one robot to stay away from if what you need is a fully automated robot which actually does your trades for you.
  • Minimum deposits are not adhered to by the preferred broker. The traders who have a little experience with Fast Cash Biz have complained that while the video says that the minimum deposit is $250, their preferred broker tries very hard to make you deposit double that figure.This is bad practice from whichever angle you look at it. If the minimum deposited was promoted as $250 then it should be just that and nothing more. This should raise a red flag about what kind of an outfit Fast Cash Biz is.
  • Never trust a binary robot that insists on you trading with a preferred broker.You have to question why you are not able to come in with your own broker if you had been trading profitably with one before. Insisting on a preferred broker is enough to raise suspicions.
  • There is little if any investment in traders’ education with this robot.All their efforts are geared to acquiring more traders and not educating them on binary options trading. This was one thing that discouraged beginners from the word go.


In the promotional video, it is clear that that the traders were showing results of trading binary options on the 24th of September 2015. Traders who watched the video before the 23rd of the same month saw the trading result of that date too. This implies that that all those accounts were contrived and did not actually happen. Furthermore, the actual currency rates on the 24th of September 2015 were different from the rates shown on the creators’ accounts purported to be from the same date.

This means that the so-called creators are dishonest as far as the results they are claiming are genuine. They are just hired actors to promote the binary robot and take advantage of gullible traders who would be lured into their program by their high-quality video which looks like it took quite a bit of effort and cost to produce.

Once you make your initial deposit, Fast Cash Biz try very hard to sell you a $10 eBook on binary trading. Funny thing is that the same eBook is available for free with other binary options robots. This could be upselling in a way and you cannot be sure of what you will be forced to buy in future.

Fast Cash Biz is nothing more than a scam, a fraud, and signing up with this program is a sure fire way of losing your money. Don’t let the great promotional video take advantage of your feelings unless you want all your money to go down the drain.

What You Need To Do

Instead of trading with an openly fraudulent binary robot, your investment is much safer with a binary robot that helps you make what is achievable and true. You need a robot that does not try to convince you to join them by appealing to your emotional side but one that gives you facts as they are and then goes ahead to keep its promises. This is the Binary Option Robot. You will do well to invest with them as your money is in safe hands and you only get to trade with internationally acclaimed and trusted brokers.

Binary Option Robot has an excellent customer support system where all your queries are promptly responded to. Beginners are encouraged to sign in as there is full support in training and trading. Every day, more professional traders are joining in and this proves that Binary Option Robot is doing something right, and your investments will be in the right place.

Binary Option Robot takes care of its new clients with respect and total support. New traders need not worry as the increasing number of experienced traders signing up for this program is testament enough that this is the program for today and for the future.

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Michael Allen

Michael Allen is the main author at He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked in investment banking for 24 years.


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