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The names that developers are giving their binary options robots keep on getting more creative by the day. one of the newer software is the Copy The Pro. What is about and is there anything worth noting behind the name? This is what this review will seek to find.

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Who is Brad Christian of Copy The Pro?

To understand what the Copy The Pro system is all about and how it makes money, you need to meet the alleged brains behind this program, and he is known as Brad Christian. The information you get from the sales video is that Brad is a binary options trader who is renowned for his exploits in the commodities, currencies and futures trading. He is, it is alleged a professional trader who plays the high stakes and makes a ton of money while at it. The website claims that he has thousands of followers, 3,729 to be exact, who are part of his system which he calls his Shark Tank. This name is obviously copied from the TV reality show with the same name. these members of his shark tank are the pros who trade with him and with whom he makes his millions.

The System

Brad Christian claims he is not a Wall Street trader, but rather, he is a mathematician and an economist. He says that Wall Street traders have nothing on his system because they look for numerical trends while he looks at the mostly ignored psychological trends and what people do not know is that that is where the money is. He claims that his Copy The Pro system draws heavily on his abilities to discern those psychological trends more than it draws from algorithms. “Algorithms are not a substitute to human judgment,” he says. To make it like he does, you will need great perception, training and lots of energy, he adds. These he says are what drive his Shark Tank and the reason why he is so successful, and so is his system.

The curious thing about this Brad Christian is that a thorough search of his trading history on Wall Street or elsewhere is non-existent anywhere on the web. That is funny, considering that he should be a well-known pro trader.

With this system, you should be making a minimum of 80% successful trades. This is the high accuracy that Brad Christian promises all those that are willing to join his so-called Shark Tank. The testimonials that you find in the sales video all talk of making very high returns from a small deposit of only $250. Of all the traders giving their testimonies of how Copy The Pro is great, none of them makes less than $40,000 a month on average. This is the money you stand to make when you join the privileged membership of this program.

This system is fully automated which gives you the opportunity to go about your daily routine, or do things that please you now that you can afford it. Your experience in binary options or any other form of asset trading is not required here as there is the autotrader here which does all the work you would have done if it were not automated.

Now that Brad has decided that he cannot be making all this money with his followers, he had decided to invite other traders with the drive to make mega profits with binary options it is for that reason that you should take the early opportunity as he says because the invitation is not limitless. “Very soon” no new memberships will be accepted and this is the reason why you should hasten your membership.

Copy The Pro
Copy The Pro

The Video

When it comes to well produced sales videos, Copy The Pro takes all the plaudits! This is a Hollywood style video, which they incidentally refer to as a film. It comes with great graphics and top notch camera work; it even features Helicopter shots of downtown Manhattan. It is in the video that you find out most of what Copy The Pro says it is.

It is in the video that he says that you can make thousands of dollars with his system. this is the money earnd by the lucky members of his Shark Tank, some of whom can be seen on screens behind him applauding when he tells you that he is looking at his 9 previous trades 7 of which were successful. They were apparently copying his trades and they made big profits hence the enthusiastic applause.

Apart from the normal testimonials you are used to, you will also find testimonials in different languages with translated sub-titles. This is probably to let you know that the Copy The Pro system has global appeal and you can trade from anywhere.

Account opening at Copy The Pro system

Opening a trading account with most binary options systems is usually a piece of cake. The Copy The Pro account is just as simple to open. You will click on the button saying ‘Join Now’ below the video. This will take you to the section where you fill a form that makes your application to join Brad Christian’s Shark Tank. After this, you will choose your preferred broker with whom you will make a deposit. The amount will depend on your budget, but the minimum deposit is set at $250.

When this is done, you will have your account ready, but there will be one more step. This is where you choose the Pro to whose trades your account will be copying. In the video, Brad tells you to choose him as your pro so as to get the best trades from the master himself. When this is done, you will set your trading preferences including the maximum amount you will put at stake for each trade. after this, you will be checking your account to track the money being credited to your account and to make withdrawals.

Customer support at Copy The Trader

Brad expects that you should have trouble-free trading with his system. this is because he has taken all measures to make the system easy to operate to create a very user-friendly experience. Should any hitches occur, there is a customer support team waiting for your call and all your problems will be handled quickly and as professionally as you can expect from a top binary options trader.

Free Software

The Copy The Pro software comes free of charge. After you register your account and make the deposit with the broker, you will downloadthe software for free. The deposit is all the money you will be asked for upfront. After that, you will be a privileged member of the famed Shark Tank that Brad heads and so you will not pay any more money, even for upgrades.

Should you join Copy The Pro System now?

Before you make the decision to join this program, there are some aspects of this program that you need to know.

  1. Why would such a successful person in binary options choose to use actors to make questionable testimonials? Isn’t it interesting that some of the pictures you find on the site portrayed as being members of the Shark Tank are sock pictures from Shutterstock and Dreamline? The least you would expect is a little more integrity. This is eroded by this simple action that Bras would have avoided if his system is as good as it is.
  2. Who is Brad Christian? Apart from what you learn from the sales video, there is nowhere else that he is mentioned either as a news item, a log post, a captured quote or any mention on Wall Street publications where he is surely a hit if he is making all these millions and inviting the public to join him and make millions for themselves.


The only reason you are seeking information on various binary options platforms is because you want to make money from the opportunities this trade offers. Copy The Pro system sounds like it would be a good system to trade with. Maybe they just started on the wrong foot with the contrived testimonials. Maybe it will turn out to be a great binary options automated system in due course, but time waits for no man and it won’t wait for you.

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