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Binary Options Forex Trading

The binary options and option signals have emerged as the alternative to the forex trading. They are simpler and yet effective way of trading relative to the spot forex trading. The biggest advantage of the binary options trading is that the maximum possible loss per trade and the rewards for the trade is known well in advance to the traders. Best places to start trading is with reliable broker such as IQ Option and with proven trading robot like Option Robot. Selecting the best binary options brokers proper broker and best binary option robot is the most you can do to avoid any trouble. Start NOW!

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Let’s Understand The Binary Options First

In simple words, they are options whose possible outcomes are only two (binary). The possible outcomes for the trader can be either zero or the payouts. In the simplest binary trading, the settlement of the binary contract depends on whether the prices of an underlying have closed below or above the strike price.

binary options forex trading, It’s all about learning to trade

The binary options can be used for several situations like will the USD will strengthen today against GBP or not? Will the Google end up higher or lower? Or on the back of falling GDP numbers, whether the Gold prices will move higher or not?

For instance, there is uncertainty in the global markets and your estimation suggests that the gold should rise from the current market price. If you buy a gold contract at $ 1200 an ounce hoping to move higher at expiry. If you have invested $ 200 in the gold contract and it expires at $1201 then you stand to gain the payout (Generally, 80% of the invested amount) and if the gold prices do not move and stays at $1200 at expiry or goes below that than you stand to lose your initial investment amount of $ 100.

Selecting The Best Currency Pair For Trading

By now, you must have got the idea that the binary options can use currency as an underlying asset. The binary options trading makes it simpler for trader’s compared to the forex trading due to fixed risk-reward ratio. The binary options trading offers several benefits over the direct forex trading.

  • It allows you to access the largest financial trading world in the simplest yet effective way.
  • The currency pair options in the binary trading offer sufficient liquidity.
  • It also allows you to take positions in several currency pairs that too 24 by 7.
  • The binary options brokers provide information regarding the payouts on the winning options right at the beginning of the trade.
  • The risk attached to each of the binary trade is known in advance.

The idea behind the blending of the forex market and the d binary option is to give you an access to the largest financial trading market along with utilizing your trading techniques to exploit the market potential with known risk-reward.

binary options forex trading, select the right currencies which to trade

The next question which comes to our mind is how to select the best currency trading pair? To answer this question is not an easy task because the underlying currency pair has its own traits at the same time the trader who is trading the currency pairs have their own distinct characteristics.

Ultimately, the final selection about trading in the currency pairs is with you and you should select a pair which blends with your preferences. Besides the liquidity in the pair, the time of the trading also has an impact on the selections. For instance, if someone wants to trade in the Asian timing then he must stick to the USD/JPY even though the EUR/USD is the most popular and highly liquid counter.

List of Currency Pairs With Their Pros


This currency pair dominates the entire forex market in terms of liquidity and number of contracts traded. The highest liquidity ensures that while executing trade you don’t have to worry about any sort of slippages as the trade will be executed instantaneously.

It being the most liquid counter, it has the least amount of volatility associated with it. This makes it the most preferred currency pair for the beginner or new trader. The EUR/USD pair has very low spread and makes it an ideal pair for the scalper. We request our readers who are new to the binary arena that they should trade in EUR/USD till the time they get enough confidence to trade in volatile pairs and assets.

binary options forex trading, sell and buy at the right time


Another currency pair which has a very high order flow and provides immense liquidity. This currency pair is also very suitable for the Asian traders as the most of the order flow happens during the Asian trading timing, however, this currency pair lacks the action sometimes.


The USD/CHF is also a liquid counter but has the same problem as the USD/JPY. This pair also has lots of days wherein the counter just refused to move in either direction.


The liquidity in the counter is far less when compared to the above-mentioned pairs. Hence, sometimes it has very surprising and abrupt moves in a single direction as well as reversals.

The AUD/USD is also known as the commodity pairs as its prices show high correlation to the gold prices. The Australia being the largest gold producer, the AUD/USD movement is highly influenced by the movement in the world gold prices.


Another currency pair with less liquidity and high volatility. The USD/CAD sometimes behaves abruptly and unpredictably. The movement in the prices shows very high correlation to the crude prices. The CANADA being one of the highest crude exporting countries, the world crude oil prices have a direct impact on the currency pair.

So, while trading the USD/CAD and AUD/USD, the trader should also keep an eye on the gold and crude prices so that they don’t get caught on the wrong foot.


This is also one of those counters which have a low liquidity compared to the EUR/USD. The GBP/JPY is one of the highly volatile currency pairs and it moves abruptly whenever there is a data release from the Central Bank of Japan. We recommend that new traders should completely avoid this pair and should stick to the USD/EUR until they have gained enough experience. However, the seasoned players can position themselves in this pair if they deemed fit.

binary options forex trading currency,only by learning and trying you can success


The last but not the least is the GBP/USD currency pair. This currency pair is a liquid currency pair but has higher volatility compared to the EUR/USD currency pair. Though it has a higher volatility, it’s volatility is very less when compared to the USD/JPY currency pair. This makes it a perfect candidate for the beginners who wants to experience the volatility along with the liquidity. It also makes the most preferred choice of currency pair after EUR/USD for the binary options trading.


The binary options trading not only offers simplicity and fixed risk-reward, it also offers a plethora of choices when it comes to trading with currency pairs. Our recommendation to the naïve traders is that they should start their trading with EUR/USD and then move to GBP/USD, while, the professional traders can select any of the currency pairs which suits them the most.

The ultimate aim is to find the most suitable and profitable currency pairs which go with your characteristic. Before making the final selection, the trader must test each and every pair at least once so that he has an idea about each and every pair. While testing these pairs, the trade should invest only a small amount in each of the trade and once they find their befitting currency pair they should stick to it.

Another final tip to all our readers is to go through each and every blog written here to get educate and learn more about the binary options trading, binary options brokers, binary options signals services, and automated trading software. Or if you are already familiar with those topics just try the option robot now!

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Is Binary Options Trading Profitable?

The binary options trading and option robot have taken a big leap in the recent times and now has more than 400 binary options brokers and binary options signals offerings. The simplicity of trading and no prior experience requirements makes the binary options trading as one of the most sought after trading avenue. Though it is good to have so many choices, it makes it really difficult for the naïve trader to select the right partner and right binary option robot. What comes to reliable brokers IQ Option is our favorite one and for automated trading software option robot is our recommendation.

The focus of this article is to provide the answer to the subject question along with providing insight into the binary trading.

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Is Binary Options Trading Profitable?

The answer to the subject question is the big YES. Yes, the binary options trading is profitable. But it is not as easy as it sounds, the binary options trading requires lots of discipline, strategy, right broker, and above all, a reliable trading partner.

The article provides insights into the binary trading arena starting with the key aspect of scam prevention techniques.

Avoiding The Scams

The unprecedented growth of binary options trading has also attracted many con-artists, and lately, there has been an onslaught of such scammers to the binary world. They disguise the naïve as well as seasoned professionals with their glib talks and exorbitant offerings in order to take away the hard earned money of the traders. This onslaught has a double whammy on the industry: it disheartens the novice traders to invest into binary options and also, malign the reputation of the binary trading industry. In our experience, we believe that if you scan any brokerage or auto trading site and keep in mind the points discuss hereunder, then it would be a cake walk for you to pick whether the website is genuine or a fake. The following text describes the common characteristics of the con-artists and if you find any of them in any binary broker or signaling service site than just avoid that one.

Binary Options Trading Profitable

Characteristic #1 You will make X000 amount in next 24 hours.

This is one of the most common characteristics of the con artists wherein they try to lure the novice by making an unrealistic guarantee. Any guarantee, indirect or explicit, should raise your eyebrows. We have seen that most of the con-artist offer an amount you can make in 24 hours to one month and sometimes the amount runs into millions of dollars. Though this sounds great, you must not fall for the trap as these are deceiving tactics and if you end up registering for such scammers then you might lose all your account money.  In a nutshell. If someone is offering something too good to be true, just ignore it completely.

Characteristic #2 Difference in the marketing practice and facts.

This is another common strategy deployed by many of the scam artists. Their marketing talk is differing completely from the actual facts. For example, you might find a website claiming that they have achieved over 90% success ratio in the past two years then you must check when was the website created. There are several domain websites which provide information regarding the actual website creation dates. If you see that the website has been created more recently than what has been claimed in the promotional video, then start thinking that there is something fishy and start evaluating other options.

Characteristic #3 Opaque brokerage affiliation page

This characteristic is very common amongst the auto trading software sites. The basics say that an auto trading software cannot trade on its own and requires an affiliation with a binary broker in order to execute the trade. You will find several of auto traders who claims to have an affiliation but when you check thoroughly, you will not find a single legit brokerage name on their website. You would agree that a legit broker will only associate themselves with a genuine software as they would not want to ruin their name in the industry. And hence, whenever you find an opaque affiliation page or an affiliation with a shady name, then start running as con artists have connived to take all your money.

Characteristic #4 Only a few spots left

Many of the auto trading websites which are run by conmen, have a common write up or a countdown timer indicating that there are only a few spots left and if you will not sign up right now than you will miss out the opportunity. However, if you check these websites again on the next day or clear your browser’s cache memory and see the website you will find that the timers have reset again.  So before committing yourself to any binary auto trading software ensure that you erase the cache memory and check the website again or check after 24 hours, and if you find the same timers with same numbers then you know what to do? Run and run fast.

So, anytime you find any of the above-mentioned traits then you should completely avoid the website. If you still find it hard to differentiate the scam artists from the genuine ones, then do drop in an e-mail and we will provide you an in-depth analysis of the website in question, as early as possible.

Investment Basics

Once you know how to spot the conman in the binary industry, the next step you must understand is that the basics rule. You must remember one thing that there is nothing free in this world and no one has the Midas touch to give you the sure shot success in the binary trading. The binary trading arena doesn’t have a “holy grail” nor it has a perfect software service which can give you 100 percent success rates. Most successful traders exhibit very high discipline and give time to learn the fundamentals and technical aspects of the binary trading. Most of the successful trades are based on in-depth research and analysis.

So learn and learn again, before you start applying your knowledge to the binary trading.

Finding The Right Trading Opportunity

The binary options trading, if done wisely, can generate an extra revenue stream for your even if you are not well versed with the binary trading. This can be possible if you can find the right investing opportunity in the market and take the trade. We know that this is easier said than done, and in reality, it is a mammoth task to find the right investment opportunity. To resolve the problem there is one genuine auto trading software which trades on behalf of you and generates consistent return with the right settings.

One of the most appealing aspects of the auto trading software is that it can be used by even a novice and can generate consistent returns. You just have to apply certain settings and the rest will be taken care by the software itself. To find the right trading opportunity and the right trading partner is the most difficult task.

Avoid Scams, Find The Right Opportunity

Only auto trader in the market which passes our stringent parameters is the Option Robot. The Option Robot allows you to select either the classic, martingale or the Fibonacci system for the trading. You can also select the indicators to take into account while searching for the profitable opportunity. Once you have selected your preferred settings, then the option robot will find the opportunity in the market and will start trading on behalf of you if you have set it on the auto mode.  We recommend the Option Robot because it has few of the strongest binary brokers as their affiliates. The long list includes the reputed brokers like 24 Option and StockPair who have been in the business of binary trading for more than 5 years. As mentioned earlier, your trading system is as reliable as your binary broker and your signaling service provider. The Option Robot website does not have any exorbitant offerings nor it has a sales pitch different from facts nor it shows the timers of few spots left.

The Option Robot has been consistent in delivering successful opportunities to their customers for several years now. You can also check our article on “2017 guide and strategy” along with the “Binary Options Forex Trading” to get a better idea of setting the Options Robot for a most productive use.

Prudent Trading Strategies

This is one of the most important aspects of the binary trading which is ignored by the most traders. Even if you have best of the brokers and right signaling tools, you will not be able to have winnings if you are not using the right strategies. These strategies range from applying risk management tools to which asset to trade, from selecting the investment amount per trade to understanding the characteristics of the underlying.

Light in The End of a Tunnel When You Believe in Yourself

To learn the prudent trading strategies, you will have to devote time and energy to learn and educate yourself, but those of you who have already made the Option Robot as their trading partner, for them we have an article on selecting the right currency pair specific to the trading hour in the article named “Binary Options Forex Trading” and another article on selecting the right attributes to generate more profitable trades in the article named “Best Option Robot 2017, Guide & Strategies”.


In nutshell, yes the binary options trading can generate a revenue stream for you if you are able to distinguish between the real and fake. If you know the basics and have a right trading partner, then the life will be easier. We recommend to use the Option Robot as your trading partner as it doesn’t have exorbitant guarantees, nor it uses tricks to attract the investors. Also, the Option Robot’s partner list includes the famous brokerage houses like 24 Option & StockPair.

Once, you have selected the Option Robot as your partner, you have to apply prudent strategies to make it more profitable for you. We also have articles on selecting the trading asset to optimal customization strategies. The current article along with the above-mentioned article will definitely help you in making money from the binary options trading.

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Binary Options Chart Reading

Trading in the binary options market whether it is done by binary options robot or automated trading software it requires a meticulous planning and discipline but above all, it requires a knowledge of the financial markets. Binary Option Robot can help you a lot and by choosing a proper binary options broker such as IQ Option for example you will help your self a giant leap but at the end of the day traders must have analytical skills to analyze the fundamental indicators and technical indicators in order to increase their winning rate. On top of that of course binary option signals may lead traders to right direction towards good trades. 

In today’s article, we will focus more on the technical aspects of the binary trading. The article focuses on various charting patterns, their usage, and evaluation.

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Why Binary Options Charts?

Charts are basically the drawings which plot the price movement of an asset. They being the graphical representation of the price action, they are easier to understand and evaluate compared to the raw data. Several charting software are available on the internet and also most of the binary broker provides state of the art charting tool to aid the users. The charts can be categorized into several types: break-out charts, candlesticks, patterns, etc. The binary broker also offers analytical tools along with the charting including indicators like RSI, MACD, Trend, Stochastics, and much more.

The chart offerings from the binary broker enable the traders to check the historical price movement and the real-time price movements. Traders also have an option to plot various indicators with whom they are comfortable in order to make the trading decision.

Seasoned traders are able to identify trends, trend changes, and a possible reversal in real-time. New traders can also learn the technical analysis and use it to their advantage while placing the trade. Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can apply it in real-time to make profitable bets. 

Basically, charts provide insights in the price action of an asset and the technical analysis correlates it with some patterns to make the decision.


Candlesticks are the most commonly used binary option chart technique in the binary trading arena. The candlesticks have four parts to and each signifies important information, so please remember the following concepts.

The below picture shows the basic candlesticks and how each of the parts has a meaning attached to it along with the color. The four components as shown in the picture makes the DNA of the candlesticks. It indicates the opening price, closing price, high price and low price of an asset for a given time period. The candlesticks can be platting for any time frame including a second to hours, and days to years.

Binary Options Chart Reading

The most basic feature of a candlestick is its color. Most commonly used color schemes are black & white, and green & red. Generally, the white and the green candle represents the bullishness whereas the black and the red candles are plotted to indicate the bearishness in the underlying.  The major difference between these two candles (green or red) is that their opening and closing prices are plotted differently. The Opening price is at the lower body of the candle in case of the green candle whereas, the opening price is at the upper end of the body in the case of the red candles. In simple words, the green candle signifies that the opening price was lower than the closing price of an asset for a given time-period whereas, the red candle signifies that the opening price was higher compared to the closing price of an asset for a given time-period.

Candlestick patterns

Once you understand how the candlesticks are plotted and what does they signifies, you must know various patterns which emerge in the candlesticks and are used as an indicator for making decisions. The most important candlestick patterns are hammer, doji, spinning tops, and engulfing. Let’s understand them one by one:

Hammer: Hammer pattern has got its name because the candlestick looks like the hammer. It has a long wick and a solid body, sometimes, the wick is twice the size of the body. The hammer pattern indicates that the time is for the reversal, meaning if the asset has been rising and a hammer pattern appear that means that there is a higher probability that the prices will start moving downwards. The following figure shows how hammer looks like in  candlestick charts.

Binary Options Chart Reading 2

Doji: Doji represents that the market is in indecisive and there is a hesitation to move the prices in the continued direction. A doji pattern does not have a real body (the filled part as shown in the candlesticks figure) because the opening and closing price are the same or nearly same. Within Doji, there are four types of patterns: long-legged doji, dragonfly doji, Gravestone doji, and four-price doji. The following table explains these four types in the simplest form:

Binary Options Chart Reading 3

Spinning Tops: They also indicate the market incisiveness’. They have relatively lower bodies and has a wick on both sides. 

Engulfing: The engulfing pattern provides a good indication of a market mood change. It is pattern wherein a small candle is followed by a big candle of opposite color. There are two types of engulfing: bearish engulfing and the bullish engulfing. In the bearish engulfing, a small green candle is followed by a bigger red candle, whereas, in the bullish engulfing, a small red body candle is followed by a bigger green candle.

Relative Strength Index (RSI):

It is a widely used indicator in the binary arena along with the candlestick charts. Welles Wilder, a famous analyst, has developed this indicator which signifies the momentum of an asset. This indicator evaluates a number of recent gains & losses over a specified time to gauge the pace and changes in the price. It is mainly used to identify the overbought or the oversold state of an asset.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is plotted between 0 to 100. The default time period for evaluating the RSI is 14, but you can change that according to your preferences. The most common interpretation of an RSI is that – if the RSI value is above 70 then it signifies that the asset is in an overbought condition, and if the RSI value is below 30 then it signifies that the asset is in oversold condition. Both the state indicates a direction change is on the card and it may occur anytime.

Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Moving Averages Convergence Divergence or commonly known as MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator. It basically indicates the relationships between two moving average of the asset price. MACD is plotted by subtracting the 26-time period exponential moving average from the 12-time period exponential moving average. A 9-time period exponential moving average is plotted on top of the MACD, known as the “Signal Line”, which acts as a buy or sell signal.

When the MACD falls below the signal line, that it is considered as the bearish signal whereas if it moves above the signal line, that is considered as the bullish signal. Traders should wait for a confirmation before entering the trade based on an MACD line as sometimes it gives fake signals and it may cost you. When the prices of an asset diverge from the MACD then it is considered as the end of the current directional move.

Traders also watch for a “zero-line” cross over as it shows the position of short-term averages relative to the long-term averages. The crossover of MACD above zero line indicates positive momentum and the opposite crossover indicates the bearish momentum.


This is again a momentum indicator which compares the closing price of an underlying to the range of its prices over a pre-defined period of time. The sensitivity of the oscillator can be managed by adjusting the time period. The indicator has two lines namely %K and %D. The stochastics is based on the assumption that in an upward trending market, prices of an underlying tend to close near the highs, whereas, in a downward trending market, prices of an underlying tend to close near the lows. The trading signals are generated when the %K line crosses the %D line.


The article focuses on the technical aspects of the binary trading and charting. The above-mentioned text provides the basic information about various charting options and charting indicators. The article details about the candlesticks and various patterns which can be utilized for your advantages. The above text also discusses the various technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Stochastics and how they can be utilized for your benefits and making a right decision.

If you have a difficulty in understanding any of the above aspects, you can mail us to know further. If you are new to the binary market and doesn’t have any knowledge then don’t worry, we have a solution for you. For traders like you, we recommend using the Binary Option bot, a sophisticated software which does all of the above analysis in real-time and then provide signals, which can be utilized to make winning trades. The software has a strong success ratio along with a very transparent business model. The software uses all of the above and many more indicators to arrive at the profitable opportunity and hence we recommend it strongly to all the readers.

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What Is a Binary Options Market?

The binary options are an instrument wherein the payouts are either the predefined amount or nothing at all. The payout is offered if the option expires in the money or no payouts if the option expires out of the money. There are only two possible outcomes as indicated above, and hence the name. The trader does not actually own an asset as this options exercises through an automatic route. The trading platform of such instruments is known as the binary options market. There is also automated trading software to do the job for you for example binary option robot called option robot. It is the best binary options signals provider.

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Understanding the “Binary Options Trading”

In the simplest term, the “binary options trading” is just making the prediction about the future direction of an underlying within a specified time period. If your prediction turns out to be perfect at the time of expiry, then you are entitled to receive the payouts otherwise you lose the risked amount.

Example: if you like to trade in a USD/EUR expiring in an hour in the binary options trading, then you just have to predict whether the USD/EUR will go up or down from the current market prices at the time of expiry. If the payouts for this pair is 85% and you have risked $ 100 on this pair, then for the prediction which is spot on – you receive $ 100 plus $ 85 (85% of the invested amount), totaling to $ 185. But if your predictions turn out to be incorrect then you lose your risked amount of $ 100 on the trade.

It is as simple as explained above and hence the binary options trading has been gaining popularity ever since its launch. The simplicity of the instrument, defined risk-rewards, and ease of execution are some of the major attractions of the binary options trading.

binary options market

How Does Binary Options Market Differ From The Plain Vanilla Options?

There are some striking differences between the vanilla options and the binary options. In the European style vanilla options, the holders of the options have the right to buy or sell the underlying asset at the time of expiry whereas, in the binary options, the holder of the options does not own the underlying at all. The vanilla options have no special feature while the binary options have several additional features as explained in the above example.

The plain vanilla options are often traded on regulated exchanges while the binary options are rarely traded on the regulated exchanges but they are most likely traded over the online platforms offered by various brokerage houses outside the purview of exchange regulations. As these are available outside the regulated exchanges, there are higher chances of fraud. The vanilla options are traded on the well-regulated exchanges and hence there is less likelihood of any kind of fraud. One of our recommended and regulated binary options brokers is IQ Option. With that you can’t go wrong.

The plain vanilla options have set strike prices for options and the investor has to pay a premium to own the options, while in the binary options, the strike prices are not predefined and an investor has to risk the entire amount. In the plain vanilla options, the premium decays as the time elapses whereas, in the binary options, the risk and reward remain the same till the expiry of an asset. The vanilla options also provide an early exit opportunity to the investors if he or she deems fit whereas in most cases, the binary options do not allow early closure and investor has no option but to wait till expiry for the outcome.

binary options market

If you have sold the plain vanilla options then you have an unlimited risk while there is no option to sell the binary options, so there is only limited risk attached to the binary options trading. As explained earlier, the risk, the reward, and the expiry is defined and set by the broker and the investors have no control over them.

Ina normal options, every PIP determines the amount of profit you make in case your option is “in the money”, while for the binary options, the amount of movement does not change have any impact on the risk-reward. In the case of the binary options trading, a single PIP movement in the direction of your prediction gets you the same payout as 100 PIP movement while the amount of movement makes a lot of difference in the case of vanilla options.

The outcome of your executed trade is determined only at the expiry in the binary options trading and the outcome can only be either a “win” or a “loose”. If your option has expired in the money, then you receive the payouts plus the invested amount otherwise you lose the invested amount completely. While in the case of the normal options, the amount of displacement of the underlying compared to the strike price decides the payouts.

A Real-world example of the differences between the vanilla & binary options:

Let’s assume that an S&P 500 is trading at 2030.

Vanilla options: Let’s further assume that a call option of 2050 strike price of S&P500 is available at $ 2 premiums for the current month expiry with a lot size of 50. You decide to pay the premium thinking that it will move higher than 2050. So, you have invested $ 100 in the trade (lot size (50) * $ 2 premium). At the time of expiry, if the S&P closes at 2050 then you will receive nothing but if it closes at 2051 then you are entitled to receive $ 50 ((expiry price (2051)-strike price (2050)) * lot size (50)). Even if your option has closed in the money, you have lost $ 50 on the total trade.

Binary Options: As there is no fixed strike price, you bought a call option of S&P500 at 2030 thinking that it will expire above it. At the time of expiry, if the S&P500 moves to 2031 then you will receive the preset payouts and if it closes out of money then you will lose the entire investment amount.

Advantages of the binary options over the vanilla options:

  • The binary options are simpler to trade and require a sense of direction of the underlying’s price movement. The vanilla options require the sense of direction as well as the magnitude of direction.
  • The binary options have predefined risk- rewards and are known to the investor beforehand. If you sell the vanilla options, then you are into unlimited risk zone while if you buy them then you have a limited downside.
  • The hedging and trading strategies of the vanilla options can be applied to the binary options.
  • In binary options, the payout amount is not in proportion to the amount of displacement of an underlying with the strike price while it is in proportion in the case of the vanilla options.
  • The binary options contracts have a wide range of expiry – from 60 seconds to up to 6-months. So there is a complete flexibility in selecting the time frame whereas in the case of the vanilla options there are several limitations.

What Forms The Binary Options Trading Market?

The binary options market is consisting of only two players – a broker & a trader or investor. A broker facilitates the execution of trade through its online platform. This online platform takes the real-time feeds from the exchanges and then makes the derivatives of the underlying called the binary options. Generally, these platforms are available through a website or a downloadable EXE file or through a mobile application. The brokerage websites provide several versions of the binary options to attract the investors and traders.

The trader or the investor has to select his or her preferred brokerage house and its website to enroll. Once enrolled, the trader has to deposit a certain amount of money in their trading account in order to execute the trades. The customer can see the real-time prices of the underlying and has an option to select his preferred expiry in order to make the commitment. Once decided, the customer can buy a call option if he thinks that the underlying will rise from the current market price and can buy a put option if he believes that an underlying will fall from the current market price.

The trader can only “Buy” and has no option to sell the contracts. The trade happens between the trader and the broker. Generally, the “seller” of the contract is the broker himself, however, there are some platforms which allow the execution of trades amongst traders. Once you have bought the “call” or the “put” option then you are not allowed to exit before expiry, however, there are some exceptions. If you had decided to bought a “call” option and at the time of expiry, the asset has moved even by a single PIP, your trade is considered a winning trade and you are paid the predetermined payouts, but if the asset has expired below the strike price then you lose the entire investment amount.

binary options market chart

Ancillary Service Providers

Alongside the brokerage houses, the ancillary business has also grown in the binary options market. These service providers provide services from standalone signals to an automatic trading platform. The standalone signal service provider does the heavy lifting of analyzing the markets in real-time and find a possible winning opportunity. They then inform their enrolled users via SMS, e-mail or social media platform about which asset to buy or sell and at what price. The majority of such service provider charge fees for their recommendations.

Another ancillary service includes the automatic trading software, which goes one step ahead of the standalone signal service provider. They not only provide the possible winning opportunity but have an inbuilt feature to execute the trade on behalf of you. They have a fixed brokerage association and works on specific brokerage software whereas the standalone service provider’s signals can be traded with any broker website.

Word of caution: the mushrooming of ancillary services has also attracted several con-artists to the play, and hence we recommend our readers to conduct thorough research about any signal service provider and brokerage company before committing their hard earned money.


This article provides the basic understating of the binary options, their differences with the plain vanilla options, advantages of the binary options over the normal options along with the binary options market makers. The selections of the brokerage house and the ancillary service provider makes a lot of difference for the trader and hence we advise all our readers to conduct an in-depth analysis of each and every aspect of them before funding your account.

You can read our various sections describing techniques to select the right broker, strategizing, selecting the right signal service provider and reviews of several brokerage & ancillary service provider websites. Our recommended automatic bot is the Binary Option Bot as it provides state of the art platform with world-class brokerage associations to satiate all your trading and signaling service requirements.

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Beginners Guide to Binary Options

Beginners Guide to Binary Options: Binary options trading  has been in existence since years. However, it remained unnoticed until 2008. With the rise of the technological advancement and the Internet, binary options trading systems have observed an impetus. The binary options can be traded anywhere in the world. The traders just need the Internet access and a computer device to access their trading account. With the rapidly-moving technology, the binary trading systems are now available as smartphone applications as well. This offers greater flexibility and ease of access.

Binary options brokers and automated trading sofware are classified as a lucrative means of earning money online. It offers to the traders a certain amount of profits upon the investment of a specific amount of money. If at the end of the expiry period of trading, the trade is a win, then the investors get huge profits. On the other hand, if it is a loss, then the investors might end up losing their money. As there is either a win or a lost case, it is referred to as “binary” options trading system. Normally, binary options have only two outcomes. However, several binary trading brokers like IQ Option also offer several varieties some of which include the high or low (call/put) option. And all this can be made so much easier by obeying prequalified Binary Options Signals!

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Trading Requirements for the Beginners

Binary options trading offers lucrative measures of making money on the online platform. If you are a beginner at this, then you must be aware of the trading requirements that you must fulfill to earn the desired profits. Some of them are:

  • First of all, the desiring candidates for binary options trading must be more than 18 years of age. Each platform would require an identification proof to validate the age of the candidate.
  • The newbie traders must have the basic knowledge about the financial markets. They must also be aware of the recent trends that are occurring in the financial markets across the world. With a better understanding of the binary trading market, the traders will be able to gain higher profits in a short span of time.
Beginner Guide
  • The trader must be aware of the fact that as there is the possibility to earn huge profits, there also might be the possibility of the loss at some points. Therefore, the traders are advised to spend only the surplus amount of their savings into the binary options trading portals.
  • The traders must invest legal tenders from their own online wallets or credit cards for funding their trading accounts. The traders would also be required to present their ID proofs along with proof of address and other personal information. This would ensure that the traders are getting secure payment.

Important Terminologies Related to Binary Options?

For a better understanding of the binary options trading system, the first-time traders must be aware of the vital terminologies that are linked to the trading platform. Have a read:

  • Assets: The understanding of the assets is a vital step in binary trading. The individuals who are trading for the first time must understand the importance of assets to earn higher returns on their investment in the trading platforms. Assets are the financial instruments of the trading market that has certain significant values associated with them.

In binary options trading, the traders usually do not buy the assets in the physical form. They just have to determine the rise or fall in the value of certain assets. The assets in binary trading are classified into four categories. These are:

  1. Currency Pairs: Currency pairs are usually available in the pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/INR, GBP/USD and so more. There are around 25 currency pairs associated with binary trading. The first currency is referred to as the base currency. While the second currency is referred to as the quote currency.
  1. Index: An index is referred to as a means of security that is used to represent the market or some of its portion. Each index has its individual calculation value. If several companies are performing badly during a certain period, then it affects the overall index representation as well. This would result in the decrease in the value of the assets.
  1. Commodities: On the binary options trading platform, the common forms of commodities include gold, silver, rice, sugar, and several others. They all come with the motive of speculating whether the value of an asset will rise or fall. Trading on the commodities tends to be highly volatile. Therefore, the beginners in binary trading are advised to gain some experience before trading in the commodities.
  1. Stocks: There are a variety of stock options in the international market when it comes to binary trading. Stocks are usually the shares that are owned by the companies and the traders buy them. In the binary options trading system, the traders have to predict whether the stock of a company will rise or fall.
Learn and Trade Better

How to Begin Trading in Binary Options?

It is imperative for the beginners to be aware of the fact that trading in the binary trading platforms is quite easy. They just need to understand the working of the trading platform along with some knowledge of the common techniques that can help the traders to earn substantial profits. To begin trading with the binary options trading system, the traders must, first of all, know the meaning of some technical terms. Some of them are:

  • Call and Put: In binary trading, call indicates that the price of an asset will rise above the predetermined price. When the traders would be placing a call action on the EUR/USD currency pair, then they might be assuming that the value of the particular currency pair will move higher than the actual price.

On the other hand, the put action would determine that the value of a particular asset might fall down the expected price. With the binary options trading system, the traders can win the particular trade even when the value is falling down, provided that you have placed the put action.

  • Expiry Time: This is referred to as the end of the trading session. All the binary trading that are carried out by the traders will come with a stipulated expiry time that will indicate the time when a particular trade would close. The expiry time tends to differ along the different trading tools. The traders are also sometimes, given the liberty to choose a particular time as the expiry time.
  • Strike Price: It is known as the price at which the asset might be sold or purchased within a specific time period. In binary trading, the strike prices tend to vary from Put action to Call action. For a call option, the strike price denotes the buying price of an asset. Whereas in a put action, the strike price denotes the selling price of an asset at a specific time.
  • In-the-Money: This term signifies the winning position of a particular trader. It implies the particular trade placed by the trader has been successful. As a result, the trader will earn some profits.
  • Out-the-Money: This is contrary to the “in-the-money” situation. Here the trader has lost the trade and earns no profit.

Effective Trading Tools in Binary Options Trading System

The trading tools in the binary trading platform are the different sets of options with the help of which the traders will be able to trade. Each of the trading tools in binary trading come with a specific expiry time, different assets, trading amounts as well as different percentages of payouts. When the newbie traders would be aware of the different trading tools, they can get a better hold of the trading strategies to help them trade better. Here are some of the innovative trading tools that can come handy to the traders:

  • Classic Binary Options: This is the basic binary trading tool with the help of which the traders can make the selection of the particular timeframe along with the selected amount.
  • Long term: This refers to the longer expiry time that can range from one day to even several weeks.
  • Speed Option: The speed option offers arrayed timeframe into 30, 60, 120, 180, and 300 seconds. This will help the traders in observing their investment to cumulate in a rapid manner.
  • One Touch: With the help of this trading tool, the traders are able to forecast whether the asset price at which they have traded will reach the strike price or not. Once the asset price reaches the target, the payout can then generate greater profits.
  • Pairs: Pairs tool includes all the possible options for investing in the lucrative assets like gold and silver. The usual call or put option is set within a timeframe of 7 to 20 minutes.
Your Time Is NOW!

Advantages of Binary Options Trading System

Now that the first-time traders are able to understand the different sets of terminologies of the binary options trading system, they must also be aware of the immediate benefits offered by the same. Have a read:

  • No Experience Required: This could be the greatest benefit offered to the beginners in the binary trading platform. The traders do not require any experience in the binary trading platform to earn huge profits. To top it all, even if the beginners have no prior knowledge of the binary trading operations, even then they can be assured of higher returns on their investment. Most of the online trading platforms offer learning tutorials and guidelines for the ease of trading by the first-time traders.
  • High Return on Investment: The traders are assured of guaranteed returns on their invested amount. The minimum amount that the traders can invest to begin their trading is around $250. However, it tends to vary with several online brokers.
  • Fast and Easy Approach: Most of the binary trading portals do not require any downloads or involvement of the third parties. You would only need the Internet access with a computer system or smartphone to access your trading account with much ease.
  • Higher Returns from Assets: Binary options trading is the only platform that offers higher returns upon the trading of various assets. The traders are provided a comprehensive array of valuable assets that can help them earn huge profits.

Choosing a Reliable Binary Options Broker

It can be quite challenging for the first-time traders to decide upon a particular binary options trading portal. With so many out there, it is vital that the traders are able to choose the most reliable and legit online binary trading broker for doing their trading. The traders must be cautious of the fraudulent brokers who tend to run away with the hard-earned money of the traders.

One such name that you can trust upon is the Option Robot. With this binary trading platform, you can be convinced of earning huge profits without a worry in the world. Option Robot is a highly reliable and legitimate trading platform that can help the traders in fulfilling their dreams of making it big in the binary trading industry.


There is a famous quote that goes as “The expert at anything was once a beginner”. So, if you have been refraining yourself from trying out the lucrative option of earning money with the help of the binary options trading system, then it is high time that you should reconsider your decision. With binary options trading platform, there are various doors to success and whopping amounts of money when done in the right manner. You should take a step forward as a beginner to start trading in this promising field. Only then, you would reach the mark to be an expert in the same.

If you are anyhow skeptical about where you should start from, then binary option robot has the correct set of tools, tutorials and strategies for your ultimate success in the binary options trading platform. No matter what your trading abilities are, you can try it out with Option Robot that can be your trading guide from the starting until the end. Get up and start trading!

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Binary Options Demo Account

Binary Options Brokesrs offer demo accounts which are a great option to the traders who are just starting out in the binary options trading industry and in the field of automated binary trading. The beginners in this field can learn about the entire process and can try out a particular trade or can even experiment with any trading strategy. The best feature of the demo account service offered by the leading binary options trading platforms is that the users can try out trading without having the fear of risking their investment funds on the online platform. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have to trade with the demo account. You can give the trading market a try of your own. If you find it suitable and profitable enough with the help of the Demo Account, only then you need to make an investment.

There are several online trading portals or brokers  such as IQ Option for example, that offer the demo account service to the investors. This is made available to the traders as a part of the training course or educational materials. Therefore, in addition to the access to the videos, webinars and even one to one training, the traders are given the right to do the trading with a demo account. The training packages offered by the brokers as well as binary portals are usually offered once the account has been opened and funded by the traders.

The users can open a demo account with the Option Robot that offers the most lucrative options for gaining huge profits. If the traders would open a demo account without finding any real money, then they would not receive the full educational programme of the trading account. However, this does not imply that the demo account is worthless. It is still the best binary option signal service and not only signal, but a fully automated robot trader.

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Benefits of The Binary Demo Accounts

If you wish to achieve the true profits by trading in the online binary options trading portals, then you must know about the benefits of opening a demo account in the same. Option Robot offers the best and the most effective chance to the newbie traders to open a demo account and then, avail the following benefits:

  • Education: With the provision of opening a demo account with, the first-time traders can learn about the process of trading efficiently in the binary trading market. The demo account comes with educational videos and tutorials that can enlighten the traders about the proper functioning of the binary trading industry.
Binary Options Demo Accounts

Moreover, the traders are also provided effective ways of trading in the profitable trades that can help them earn substantial amounts of money. Therefore, if you are a newbie binary trader and wish to understand the overall process of money-making, then you can create demo account with OptionRobot.

  • Comparison of Payouts: The payouts tend to vary from assets through assets. The provision of the opening of the demo account with the help of OptionRobot can help you analyze the payouts in an effective manner. The demo accounts  can be linked with multiple brokers. This allows the traders to make effective comparisons of the payout on specific assets offered by the different brokers.

When the traders are able to compare the payouts, they can accelerate their chances of earning greater profits. This is due to the fact that in this manner, the traders will make the investment only in the most profitable asset that can generate the highest results.

  • Learning of New Trading Strategies: Another great advantage offered to the traders with the help of the creation of demo account with OptionRobot is that they can learn new and effective trading strategies with the same. The trading strategies that are learned in the process are risk-free and can be adopted by the traders in the long run. With the knowledge of new strategies, the traders are able to trade exceedingly in the binary trading market. As a result of this, they can earn huge profits during the trading process. As it is free from any risk, the traders have no fear of making their investments as well.
  • Discovery of the Additional Features: The demo accounts give the freedom to the traders to discover several new features of binary options trading as well. The traders can make use of the charting tools or even the educational materials without making any deposit of their hard-earned money.
Binary Options Demo Accounts Are Easy To Use and Good For Learning

When no risk of the loss of money is involved, the traders are able to earn greater profits. This is because they are able to understand the overall process of the binary trading in an effective manner. With the help of the educational materials and courses, the traders can learn about profitable ways of doing the trading. This will assure them greater profits in the long run.

  • Shop Around with Profits: When the traders open a demo account with OptionRobot, they are offered great profits and advantages. Another great advantage offered is the facility to shop around easily with the help of the demo account facility. The demo accounts usually allow multiple brokers for getting tested before the trader makes the final selection. The one that suits the best as per the needs of the traders are chosen by them and they start trading with the particular trader. To top it all, all of these can be achieved without any financial investment at all.
  • Proper Management of Money: When the traders are given the right to open a demo account with the binary options trading platforms, they can achieve the proper management of their money. Depending on the profitability and reliability of the particular trading company, the traders are able to decide the investment of money into a particular trading portal. As such, they are better able to manage their finances. By finding the right size and profitability assurance of the particular trading company, the traders are able to invest their money in the rightmost portal. This would help them in earning greater profits.

Finding the Best Broker Demo Accounts

The comparison parameters can be considered while making the selection of the rightmost binary options trading platform for the investment of money. With the opening of the binary demo account, the traders are better able to make the decision about the rightmost trading company for them. Each binary trading broker might offer slightly different features and trading services. With a demo account, you can try out each one of them. Then you can make your final decision about making the desired investment. There are several “no deposit” demo accounts opening portals out there in the trading industry. OptionRobot is by far the best and the most reliable online portal through which you can avail the benefits of opening a demo account.

There could be the presence of subtle differences in the online trading market. There could be differences in the parameters of the amount of investment, expiry time of the trades, the minimum trade levels and so more. This implies that the parameters that could work well for one investor could be detrimental for the other. Therefore, it is the final decision of the trader himself to decide upon the particular trading company. In the binary options trading industry, things could change rapidly. Therefore, it is imperative to gain a proper understanding of the trading portals and the services offered by them.

Whenever you are in doubt, you can consider to making your investment in the OptionRobot. It is relatively easier to understand and comes with the most reliable options for opening a demo account. It tops the list of the most renowned and legitimate binary options trading company that is aimed at generating higher returns for the investors.

Testing Binary Strategies with Demo Accounts

The testing of the trading strategies are the key services of a binary option robot. It is not easy for the investors to find the rightmost and the most profitable trading strategy all by themselves. Therefore, with the help of OptionRobot, the traders can learn the effective strategies through which they can judge the profitability of the particular trade.

There could be times in the binary trading when working with a particular strategy could result in significant losses. As the new methods and strategies get tested, or the existing processes are tweaked, the opening of a demo account with OptionRobot makes sense. The traders can run through a series of trades even when no investment of money is involved. This would allow an investor to check whether a particular investment or trading strategy is working or not.

Binary Options Demo Accounts

When the traders would run a demo trading account alongside the real binary trading account, then this could serve as an ideal way of creating a profitable trading strategy for themselves. This also tends to minimize the risk of any loss of investment. This is exactly what OptionRobot offers.

Finding The Correct Trade Size

With the help of the demo trading accounts, the traders are also allowed the right to find the correct level of investment that would ensure higher profits to them. There are several trading strategies involved that can help the traders in an effective manner. There could be some investors who might be keen on investing a huge share of money in some trades. This could be done with a motive of scaling back the other investors. With the help of an effective demo trading account it becomes a lot easier for the traders to observe how much an account should be funded with to earn the highest returns. At the same time, they are also able to cope with the effective trading strategy that is existing in the trading account. This implies that finding a particular trading level with OptionRobot can become quite easy as well.

Specialization in the Particular Assets

When the traders take the proper time to analyze the profitable trading opportunities with the help of the demo trading accounts, the strengths and weaknesses of certain trading portals can be highlighted in a better manner. When the traders would focus on the strengths, this can lead to long-term profits in the binary trading industry. Certain assets could be more suitable to a certain group of investors. In a similar manner, some forms of personal insights into an asset might lead to much successful trading. When the users are able to identify the trends prior to making an investment with any trading company, they can save themselves a lot of time, energy as well as their hard-earned money. This can be achieved effectively by opening a demo trading account with OptionRobot.

Binary Options Demo Accounts, Try Now!

Building Experience with Binary Options Demo Trading Account

The demo trading accounts will allow the investors to learn effective trading without any form of investment. The traders can also build up confidence and ample experience without having any fear of losing money. This is exactly offered by OptionRobot. These lessons are offered to the traders in comparison to the traders with traditional forms of trading who have lost a considerable amount of money in the learning process.

The new investors can try to learn and progress from the starting to become an experienced trader in the binary options trading platform. This is what makes the opening of the demo trading account with OptionRobot quite a valuable tool.


A demo account should be a risk-free and non-obligated way of testing a particular platform. The traders can judge the reliability and legitimacy of the binary options trading companies. This will help them to decide that in which trading portal they should actually invest their hard-earned money.

OptionRobot offers the traders the most reliable and the legitimate ways of opening a demo trading account. This involves no investment of money. This offers the users a great opportunity to learn the effective ways of trading in the binary options trading company. With expertise knowledge of binary trading, the traders can ensure themselves higher returns when they would make an investment with OptionRobot at the same time. Be assured of the desired success in the binary trading platform with the help of OptionRobot. Go open a demo trading account now!

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Binary Options UK

A binary option is an online form and an easy way of investment. The term binary is used as the online trading can have two possible outcomes. It could be that the trade is successful due to which the investors gain a good amount of profit. This profit is around 75% to 95%. On the other hand, the possibility could be that the trade is unsuccessful in which the full amount of investment made by the investors is lost.

Therefore, the digital or binary forms of investment can be considered somewhat risky. However, if the trades turn out to be successful, then this form of investment can be highly lucrative and rewarding. In the binary options trading system, most of the brokers are registered and regulated. Therefore, they offer to the traders great protection for the financial transactions made by them. So, if you are planning to make huge profits through the online medium, then you can consider investing in the binary options trading and binary option robot platform like Option Robot, to earn huge returns.

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An Overview of Binary Options Trading System

The binary options are usually traded on assets or in the market and that can be done manually or with an automated trading software. Some traders use binary options signals which is something between, you get tips how you could trade like professionals would trade in each case and then either do the trade manually or not. The assets you could trade are for example stock price, foreign exchange rate or commodity value. There is a significant difference between the traditional forms of trading and binary options trading. In the binary options trading, there is a clear indication of some risks involved along with the assurance of generating higher returns upon the investment. These factors are, however, missing in the traditional forms of trading.

Binary Options UK
Binary Options UK

In the binary options brokers platform, for example IQ Option the investor is able to analyze the exact amount of risks involved and also about the exact value of return that could be earned by investing a certain amount of money in a particular portal. This is not the case with the traditional trading methods. Here, the end profit or loss is not known to the trader until the trade is closed.

An Example of Binary Trading in the UK

Binary options trading is gaining impetus in the United Kingdom. More people are becoming aware of this lucrative option of earning huge profits in a short span of time. Let us understand the process of binary trading in the UK with the help of an example. If a trader feels that the price of oil would rise, then he can take a “high” binary option on oil. This is also referred to as taking a “call”. In case, the option expires and the price is higher, the trader wins the trade. He would then receive the value of his trade back with an additional interest of around 75% to 95% profits. However, if the price was less after the expiry of the trade, the entire investment of the trader would be lost.

All the binary options trade have a yes or no proposition. There could be however, variations in the high or low option. Therefore, it must be realized that the binary options trading system will always have its black and white along with the yes and no propositions.

The binary options trade is always offered with an expiry date. This is the time when the trading would be closed for the traders. The price at the end of the expiry date is the one that decides whether the trader has won or lost the particular trade. However, the binary options trading system ensures around 75% to around 90% of the winning traders to the UK traders. This is the reason why the traders of the UK invest religiously in the binary options trading portals.

Process of Binary Trading in the UK

The meaning of the term “binary trading” implies the act of placing investment in the binary trading portals. The traders of the UK can invest any amount of money in the trading portals as per the parameters of the prices going up or down.

By the term “trading”, it is generally referred to as the “long-term investment”. In such cases, the payout level is quite significant. As mentioned, the winning rates in the binary trading for the UK people is usually between 65% to around 95%. Some of the elaborative options might even go higher. The payouts and their range usually depend on the different brokers and their relevant experience in binary trading.

Binary Options UK Flag

The payouts to the traders might also depend on the expiry time of the trade as well as on the asset invested upon by the investors. There could be significant differences. Therefore, the UK traders who are looking to invest in the binary options trading portals on a long-term basis would need to do extensive research about finding the best payout for the asset class that they are intending to trade upon. This could make a huge difference in the long run.

Advantages of Binary Options Trading

For the traders in the UK who are speculative about making an investment in the binary options trading system, let us enlighten you about the advantages offered by the same. By knowing the benefits offered, the UK traders can make the rightmost decision about doing trading or not. Here are some:

  • Financial Benefits: The first and foremost reason for the traders across the world investing their hard-earned money in several binary options trading portals is that they are able to generate huge returns upon their investment. In today’s era, everyone wishes to make instant money with minimal efforts and investment. Binary options trading system offers exactly that. This would lead to two queries by the UK traders. Firstly, how to make money with the online trading process. The second query is related to the reliability and authenticity of the binary options trading system.

The traders can make a substantial amount of money with the help of financial trading. This can be achieved by making the prediction of the movement of certain assets. There are two ways in which the value of particular asset could move. It could either move up or it could move down.

In order to purchase a binary options contract and to earn profits from the same, the traders will have to invest a certain amount of money. The traders can usually invest any amount as expected by the particular trading portal. If the prediction of the trader would come true, then at the end of the trading, the trader would be rewarded with the desired amount of money along with the certain percentage of profit over the same.

Binary Options UK Trading, Rookie Vs Pro

As far as the reliability of the binary options trading system is concerned, it is true that there are risks involved. However, several traders across the world have successfully earned huge profits upon their investment. The prediction of the movements of the assets is a matter of luck and a random process. However, there is also required some market knowledge to make the rightful decision about investing in a particular trade. If the trader is able to make the right prediction based on his research and analysis, then he is bound to earn profits.

  • Legitimate Investment: Binary trading is a rapidly growing form of investment in the UK as well as in the world. However, several people in the UK are still unaware of the same. There are higher fluctuations in the binary trading market changing with the passage of time. By being the digital options, they offer minimalistic investment opportunities. There are risks involved. At the same time, the traders are also guaranteed the higher returns and profits on their investment. For the traders of the UK who are unaware and skeptical about the binary trading industry, they can perform a thorough research of the same with the help of tutorials and educational courses that are available on the online platform.

It is true that the binary trading is an option of “yes or no”. Owing to the great population of the world having earned a substantial amount of profit from the same, it can be deduced that binary options trading systems are highly legitimate. With everything positive, there is a negative aspect linked to it. So is the case with the binary options trading portal. As there are several legit and reliable trading portals, there is also the presence of the unreliable and fraudulent trading platforms on the Internet.

Binary Options UK Bull and Bear, Asset Price Goes Either Up or Down

Therefore, it is the duty of the traders to be careful while making their investment. They can conduct an in-depth research about the reliable options for investing their hard-earned money.

  • Higher Risks, But Higher Returns: There is no denying the fact that there are higher risks involved with the online binary options trading portals. But when looked at the bigger picture, the trading system also offers higher returns to the investors. The end point is to go for a reliable and legit investment opportunity. Once you would make the desired investment into a legit portal, there could be lesser chances of your losing your money. This would happen only if your trade rates fall down. Otherwise, with the reliable trading portals, there is no fear of them being fraudulent and then running away with your money.

Are Binary Options Safe?

The fixed payout options in the case of binary trading usually suffer from a poor reputation. This is usually the result of the presence of several unreliable and fraudulent marketers or portals that run away with the hard-earned investment of the traders. Therefore, several individuals refrain themselves from availing the benefits offered by the binary options trading portals.

Binary options trading systems are units of high risk as well as high returns. Therefore, they might not be preferred by every online investor. However, with stricter regulations and better understanding by the general public, the binary options trading systems can gain the faith of the traders worldwide. It is only a matter of time that these trading platforms will move into the financial mainstream in the UK as well as in the world.

How to Determine The Best Trading Platforms?

If you are skeptical about making an investment in the binary trading portals, then you can do a quick analysis of the reliability of the same. Here are some parameters that can serve as the comparison points for the traders:

  • Payouts
  • Minimum amount of deposit to be made
  • Minimum as well as maximum trading capacity
  • Trading platform
  • Availability of the expiry times
  • Bonus details
  • List of assets
  • Various regulations including FCA, CFTC, CySec and so more
  • Range of binary options available to the traders
  • Education materials along with tutorials with respect to binary trading
  • Customer’s testimonials and complaints

These parameters could be vital for the first-time traders to decide upon the reliability and legitimacy of the different binary trading platforms.

Where Should The UK Traders do Binary Trading?

The UK traders can trade the binary contracts at various trading portals that are present on the Internet. One such great reliable option to invest money is the OptionRobot binary trading platform. The naïve traders of the UK can invest their heard-earned money into OptionRobot that offers reliable and secure trades to them to earn higher returns. At OptionRobot, there is a full set of trading services to the first-time as well as to the experienced traders who wish to make it big in the binary trading industry.

There is also ample information provided on OptionRobot about making the right payment at the right asset to earn the highest returns. There are ample educational materials as well as the informative tutorials that can help the beginners. Moreover, the traders are also suggested the advanced strategies and effective broker comparison to expedite their trading.

OptionRobot offers a lucrative option of market speculation. It is the rapidly growing name in the UK in the binary options trading industry. It offers a method of earning great profits depending on the market analysis along with those of the significant asset classes. So, the UK traders can be convinced of investing their money into OptionRobot. It is a highly legitimate platform for the traders. Go ahead and make huge profits!

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IQ Option Review

IQ OptionIQ Option – trading platform

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

You will occasionally come across a binary options broker site that really stands out from the crowd because of their all-round great products and services. This is definitely the case with IQ Option. They really are a force to be reckoned with, they offer a user-friendly trading platform, comprehensive educational material, outstanding bonuses, as well as the ability to deposit as little as $10 and trade as little as $1, by far the lowest minimums in the binary options trading industry. In this review, I go through the following facts:

  • IQ Option Bonuses: What kind of bonuses and benefits a new trader gets.
  • IQ Option YouTube Video: An introduction video for new traders.
  • IQ Option Review.
  • IQ Option Testimonials and Success Stories: Real users share their experiences.
  • IQ Option Trading: How and what to trade with IQ Option.
  • IQ Option App: How to use and get the most out of the app.
  • IQ Option Is It a Scam?: My full fraud investigation report and results.
  • IQ Option Auto Trader: Can you use the binary option robot auto trader with this broker site.
  • IQ Option US traders: This broker site does not currently accept US traders. I will tell you why and what your options are if you reside in the United States.
  • Conclusion: Including the overall rating

How to trade on IQ OptionHow to trade on IQ Option

IQ option review


If you open an account from the link below, you will get all the benefits listed here. Most of these are exclusively available for our readers, and are only valid for a limited time, so act quickly.

  • $10 Minimum deposit: This is the minimum deposit to start binary options trading. You do not have to make a big investment. You get to find out how fun and profitable it can be without the pain.
  • $1 Minimum trades: Again, you do not have to be a millionaire to be able to gain money by trading stocks or currencies; you can start with small amounts and climb up the ladder at your own pace.
  • Totally FREE demo account: If you want to start even more carefully, you can first trade with a demo account.
  • Web-based interactive education system: Learn how to invest more profitably from the pros.
  • Over 500 assets to trade: Choose the most profitable assets to trade including currency pairs, indices, commodities or stocks.
  • FREE trading signals: Deposits of $100 or more get free trading signals, which will help you invest even more profitably.
  • Binary options tournaments with guaranteed prize pools: Compete against other traders in exclusive binary options tournaments.

Claim these outstanding offers and start trading with IQ Option by filling in the form below.


Important Information in a Nutshell

  • Regulation: CySEC, FMRRC; In register of FCA, REGAFI and Consob
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimum exercise price: $1
  • Maximum option price: $5,000
  • Yield: 90%, in case of correct prediction
  • Deposit/withdrawal methods: Credit card, wire transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller and Boleto
  • Assets: Currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities
  • Number of assets: 500+
  • Countries: We accept all countries except the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran.
  • Demo account: Yes, free of charge
  • Mobile application: iOS and Android. The iOS application is unavailable in: Malta. The Android application is unavailable in: Malta, Myanmar, Liechtenstein and Cuba.
  • Trading platform: Web-browser and standalone app
  • Support: 24/7
  • Support languages: English, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic and Indonesian
  • Founded: 2013
  • Withdrawal: Within one working day

IQ OptionIQ Option – how to use

There are currently hundreds of binary options brokers, with new ones appearing on the market almost daily. This is great for customers. As companies try to compete against each other, there is an almost endless number of choices with  special features.

One thing that many brokers have been overlooking is existing customers; the goal has only been to get new customers, which has led many customers, after making their first deposit, to go to other broker sites or to stop investing in binary options completely.

But this is where IQ Option is completely different to its competitors, they have worked very hard to make investing interesting, fun and entertaining. A perfect example of this is a $10 minimum deposit and a $1 minimum investment, which shows that they are openly welcoming those investors who want to start cautiously or who cannot afford to invest larger amounts of money.

Making money with investments is no longer just for the rich, ordinary people now have the opportunity to start with small amounts, and gradually increase their fortune to the same amounts as those of professional traders. However, you do not have to take my word for it; read these actual experiences and success stories, and decide if you could be one of them in the near future.

IQ option scam or not



IQ Option currently has 77 different trading assets available. These include:

  • Stocks. Shares of over 50 major companies. such as GazpromDaimlerBarclaysApple and Rosneft.
  • Indices. Most traded indices including FTSE 100DAX, Nikkei-225, CAC 40Dow Jones and S&P 500.
  • Commodities. Gold and silver.
  • Currency pairs.
  • All the most commonly traded currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/CAD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF and many others.
  • Bitcoin: This option is only available on a few binary options broker sites.

New IQ Option platform v4.0

Account Types

There are three different types of accounts available to you, including two account types that are for real money trading:

Demo account:

  • Practice trading for free
  • 13 trading assets
  • Trading opportunities are limited
  • Does not use real money

Real account:

  • All 500+ trading assets available
  • Start with as little as a $10 minimum deposit
  • You can participate in trading competitions
  • Full access to trading opportunities
  • Fast withdrawals (within 3 days)

VIP account:

(You will get access to VIP if you deposit more than $3,000)

  • All 500+ trading assets available
  • Full access to trading opportunities
  • You can participate in trading competitions
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly trading analysis from an analyst

I personally recommend starting with a VIP account from the beginning. The benefits you get will pay for themselves very quickly. Especially if you are a new trader; the help of a personal manager and the monthly analysis can be very useful when you are still learning to invest profitably. Better refunds (in cases of wrong predictions) will help you to keep your losses down. This way, it is less likely that you will have big losing streaks at the beginning.


What Does This Mean To You?

You can choose from a wide variety of deposit options. Deposits can be made with all major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, or you can use the following methods: Skrill, bank wire transfer, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, PayPal, LiqPay, and Moneta. And with an extremely low minimum deposit of just $10 why wouldn’t you deposit now.

IQ Option banking

There are wide range of different banking options available


Trading Amounts

The minimum investment of $1 per trade is the lowest in the industry. This makes it possible to start investing, with real money, carefully if you are a beginner. As the minimum investment is so low, I recommend opening a real money account from the beginning. This way, you will get access to all the benefits that a demo account user does not get.

The maximum investment of $1,000 per trade is sufficient even for “high-roller” investors who are willing to take big risks in order to obtain high yields. For example, by setting a number of $1,000 trades in a row, you can raise the stakes as high as you want.

Trading Platform

IQ Option uses its own trading platform, a fresh change from the SpotOption platform which is used by almost all the major broker sites, including Banc de Binary, and GOptions. The super responsive live graph feature makes trading easy and fun. Unlike some competitor sites, the possibility of inadvertently setting the wrong investment is not possible. The platform has many unique features, which are specially designed to make it simple and easy to use.

In order to test the platform with a beginner, we asked our secretary if she could master the platform. Our secretary does not have any previous experience with binary options. We gave her 15 minutes to learn, after which we came back to check the situation.

When we came back, she told us that 15 minutes was more than sufficient. She was very familiar with all the main features after a couple of minutes. She also told us that she had never been interested in investing; though, after the experiment, she decided to start actively learning about investing with IQ option. In conclusion, there is no better way to start.

IQ Option banking

There are wide range of different banking options available


iq option trading platform

Super responsive live graph makes trading super easy


The trading platform includes the following unique features:

  • Real-time asset price movements: You can follow price changes of desired trading assets through real-time charts.
  • Technical analysis panel: You will find various analysis tools on the technical analysis panel. I will tell you more about these in the trading pattern section of this article.
  • Possibility to use a variety of charts: In addition to the more commonly used tick charts, you can also use candlestick charts.
  • Trader’s choice indicator: Here you can directly see which investment alternative (“put” or “call”) is more popular, as well as the percentage of investors that have chosen each alternative.
  • Top trader’s stats and best deals: You can quickly and easily see how much the best investors made profit and how; so you can follow their example.
  • Future price movement predictions based on technical analysis: You do not need to know how to interpret the charts yourself, you can use the predictions made by professional investors.
  • Relevant financial news: You no longer need to look through all the news from various sites, you can see it directly through the trading platform.

Option Types

IQ Option has made trading simple and clear. The investor can have the option expire in 60 seconds, or more cautiously select an expiration time, such as 30 minutes or even 24 hours. 60 second options are great for traders who want quick profits and a lot of excitement. However, they are also much risky than longer maturity options. This is why I do not recommend these as first investments for a novice investor. Profits can be huge, but losses are also frequent.

IQ Option – The fastest trading tool

Binary Options Tournaments

IQ option offers binary options tournaments. I have never seen these on any other broker site, so I tried them with great interest. At the beginning, all traders get a tournament balance of $10,000 for their use during the tournament. Winners are determined by their tournament balances at the end, participants with the highest balance win the first place prize etc.

Some tournaments have a guaranteed prize fund, which means that, if participation fees do not cover the whole prize pool, the broker will pay the rest. Some tournaments also have rebuy possibilities, meaning that, if you lose your whole tournament balance, you can rebuy yourself back into the tournament, for the same entry fee and you get a tournament balance of $10,000 again. Tournaments usually last for 30 minutes, so they are great entertainment for investors who want to get excitement and high profits in short periods. By participating in a tournament, you can profit 100 times (sometimes even more) the entry fee.

Tournament trading pattern:

The average level of the participants in these tournaments is astoundingly bad. With a good trading pattern, these truly are an good way to gain money. You do not even have to know much about investing, as long as you follow these instructions:

  • Always aim to win: The first-place finisher always gets by far the biggest prize. It is therefore not worth aiming for eighth or ninth place, even if these allow you to collect a cash prize. Even if you just have a small chance, try to get into first-place, it is usually worth the risk.
  • It is fine to spend the first few minutes observing the strategies the other participants are using: Watch whether other participants are trying to grow their tournament funds aggressively right from the start or taking a more cautious approach. You can then tailor your own trading pattern accordingly. However, make sure that the leaders do not get too far ahead of you, or it may become hard for you to catch them later on.
  • In the middle of the tournament, you should have a clear picture of what the other participants are doing and what kind of trading pattern you should use: Now, it is time to optimize your trading pattern according to your objectives. If you are the clear leader, do not let others get too close. If you are close to the leader, try to keep them close, so that you can strike before the tournament ends. Also, observe what kind of strategies the tournament leaders are using. If they are too cautious, this will be your chance to take the whole pot, strike more aggressively and try to get into the lead.
  • If the end of the tournament is getting closer, and you are not close to the top, it is time to take some big risks: You have nothing to lose, so it will be a good moment to reach the money by taking big risks. Victory may not be close, but don’t be discouraged. As long as you have money, you have a chance.
  • Analyze your trading pattern afterwards and think of ways you can win more in the future: There is always room for improvement, even if you won. Spend a few minutes analyzing your trading pattern after the tournament is over, it might be extremely beneficial next time.

IQ Option tournaments

In binary option tournaments, you can win huge prizes with a small entry fee

Trading PatternTrading pattern

Investors have free access to a large number of different technical analysis tools and resources. You can even use these directly through the trading platform. You can easily see the moving trends of trading, and through the technical analysis panel it is almost effortless to make investment decisions based on completed analysis. You do not need any previous expertise to do this.

There is an almost endless quantity of free educational materials for you to use, such as free webinars, ebooks, instructional videos and tutorials. With the help of these extensive materials, you can easily develop your skills and become a much better investor. Below are three examples of tutorial videos that are available for investors.

Trading Strategies for IQ Option Broker

Before we get to the actual strategies, you need to understand the system that they work with.

Japanese Candlesticks:

These are bars in charts depicting the price movements of an asset. They represent the opening and closing of a price range. If the price moves up it will be represented by a green candle. If the price moves down, it will be represented by a red candle.

Trend Lines:

These are lines in the chart which represent price movements and show the corridor within which the price range of the asset is likely to fluctuate. The support lines on the lower side of the chart represent the level from which prices tend to bounce upwards. The resistance level refers to the trend line at the upper side of the chart and it represents the level from which prices tend to bounce downwards. The area between the two trend lines is the trending corridor.

Candlesticks, trend lines and the trending corridor are some of the most popular and effective tools in binary options signal generation.

The Main StrategiesThe Main Strategies

1. The Rebound Line Trading Pattern

The aim of this trading pattern is to catch the movement of an asset at the very moment when the price cannot break through the support of the resistance levels. In this trading pattern, when the price reaches the resistance level and the candle closes before this level, the possibility of a rebound is greater than the possibility of a growth. Here, you are better off buying a “put” option.


2. The Three Black Crows Trading Pattern

This trading pattern defines the downward reversal on the uptrend. Look out for an uptrend with several ascending candles in a row. Wait for the reversal of three descending candles in a row. Closing at the third candle is a signal of an uptrend turning into a downtrend.


3. Piercing Line Candlestick Pattern

Here you study the candlesticks carefully and look out for a trend in the price movements. What you will be on the lookout for is the precise moment where you will notice a reversal of a downtrend. Find two candles on the chart one of which closes the price in the middle of the previous one. Wait for the second ascending candle. When a third ascending candle appears it will be a signal of a trend reversal.


4. The Rainbow Trading Pattern

This trading pattern is a little more technical than the strategies above. Here, three exponential averages with different periods are used simultaneously. On the chart, you will mark the first line with a period of 6 in blue. The second line with a period of 14 will be marked in yellow while the third line with a period of 26 will be marked with red.


5. Moving Averages Trading Pattern

This is one of the most popular strategies and it is used extensively in binary options trading where IQ Option is in play. It is used to full effect, profit wise by both experienced and rookie traders. You will use the available technical analysis tools to construct the moving averages indicator.


6. The Pin Bar Trading Pattern

This is another of the more technical strategies that you can use with IQ Option. It will be used to predict a downward or upward trend with the price of an asset. What are studied here are pin bar candles with tails or spots.

If a pin bar candle has a small body and a long tail, directed upward or downward, there is an imminent shift in the price of the asset depending on the prevailing market conditions. If the tail of the pin bar points upwards, the price of the asset is predicted to move downwards. You will need to predict accordingly in that instant.


7. The Breaking Line Trading Pattern

This IQ Option trading pattern aims to catch the exact moment that a candlestick breaches either the support line or the resistance line. When the candle closes above the resistance line, it is better to buy a “call” option. This is because the chances of the price of the asset rising increases dramatically.

When the candle closes below the support line, the chances of the price falling increases at a very high rate. At this point in the chart, you will buy a “put” option as it is the most favorable. This trading trading pattern is suitable for neutral, upward and downward trends.

8. Alligator Trading Pattern

This trading pattern is rather simple in its application mechanisms. Here, three smooth moving averages are monitored as they move along the chart. They will be displaying different moves and their respective time periods. What is important to note is that with this trading pattern, the moving averages must be of the smooth kind.


9. The Bollinger Bands Trading Pattern

Here, the trading pattern is applied with the price chart carrying three lines. These lines are not equal in thickness. Rather, their width will change according to the movements in the market. When an asset’s marketplace is calm, the bands will narrow. When activity resumes, the bands will widen. The rate at which they widen will depend on the intensity of the trading.Should you notice a rapid widening of the bands, you can be sure that there has been a sudden increase in the intensity of trading for that particular asset.

The band at the center represents a smooth moving average which will be carrying something like 20 bars/candles.

Trading binary options is a profitable venture. What you need is the right broker to handle your investment and to guide you to profitability. IQ Option is one of the leading brokers in the binary options marketplace. This can be seen from the deep understanding that they have of the binary options marketplace and the movements of asset prices. As evidenced by the sophistication of the trading strategies, it is how you interpret the price movements that determines the nature of the signals that you get.

Other IQ Option Trading Pattern VideosOther IQ Option Trading Pattern Videos

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The Strangle trading trading pattern
IQ Option strategy
There are many different free analytic tools for traders.

IQ Option AppIQ Option App

The IQ Option mobile app is one of the best that I have ever used. And, I am not the only one who thinks this. At this moment, it is the #1 trading app in 45 countries. One of the most important reasons for its success is the great functional features, which make trading possible anytime and from anywhere. The most important buttons are not too close to each other, so even those with big fingers, like me, will not make incorrect clicks.

The app is basically the normal trading platform in a smaller size, so if you only want to trade with your mobile phone, you can; and you will not miss out on any of the key features. Trading “on the go” is becoming more popular every day, so with this excellent mobile platform, IQ Option definitely has a distinct advantage over most of its competitors. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store or click on the button below to download the IQ Option mobile app now:

IQ Option app
Mobile app can be downloaded from Google play or App Store.

IQ OptionIQ Option: Is It a Scam?

I have done a full fraud investigation and the outcome is clear: IQ Option is not a fraudulent broker. The following facts prove this without a doubt:

  • It has the best website and the most versatile trading platform in the industry: These cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. Scammers would not have these kinds of resources at their disposal.
  • It has operated for several years without any negative comments: Scammers can never fully escape negative comments; a great reputation is a good indicator that the broker is truly honest.
  • It has the lowest minimum deposit in the industry: Scammers usually have one simple goal: to get as much money as soon as possible. There is always a risk that the scam is revealed, after which getting money is extremely difficult.
  • Completely free demo accounts: If you intend to scam, why would you give anything for free? Especially if that would increase the risk of being exposed.
  • Extensive free educational material: If you intend to scam someone, it does not make sense to make it harder by teaching your victims.
  • Fast withdrawals and versatile withdrawal methods: Scammers always try to get money from their victims by any means possible. Therefore, it is obvious that they would not give victims their money back.
  • Awards and distinctions: Scammers do not win prizes from impartial organizations. More about these awards is provided below.

IQ Option – Very Special Broker


IQ Option has received several awards and recognition from multiple sources. This is more proof that they are excellent and honest in their business. The most popular of these awards are the “Most Reliable Binary Option Broker” award and the “Most Innovative Binary Option Broker” award. The judges were the most esteemed and experienced people in the area of investment, from all-around the world. IQ Option competed against other popular broker sites, such as CTOption, Option FM, CherryTrade and Master Option.

IQ Option awards
IQ Option has won many awards, such as “Most Reliable Broker” and “Most Innovative Broker.”

IQ Option Auto Trader Binary Option RobotIQ Option Auto Trader Binary Option Robot

If you want to use an automated trading robot, IQ Option does not have auto trader on their site, so we recommend you use one of our recommended trading robots instead:

  • Option Robot Review – Best fully automated trading robots reviewed. The biggest secrets of binary options trading revealed. Read how pro traders have made their fortune, and use the same tools that they have used for many years.
  • Option Robot Automated Trading Software – Best automated trading software, get it now for free!
  • Automated Binary – New excellent binary option auto trader.
  • Copyop Review – A new revolutionary way to trade. Set your trades to copy the best professionals. It is so easy to do that you will not believe how this is possible!

Exclusive offer! Get the binary option robot for free

IQ Option US TradersIQ Option US Traders

IQ Option does not currently accept US traders. After SpotOption stopped accepting American customers a little while ago, their position has been a bit uncertain. However, for the moment, at least, the following Binary Options Brokers accept US traders:


I must admit that I am extremely impressed with how professionally IQ Option has dealt with every single detail of their site. They have really raised the bar to a completely new level. At this moment, it is difficult to even imagine that any other broker site would get even close to them as a whole. For this reason, IQ Option is my absolute number one recommendation for every binary options investor. This broker site is truly top-notch in every feature that can be measured.

Overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0.

Register now by clicking on the button below and to trade with the best!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

CM Trading Review

CM Trading Review: To add to our journey of providing an unbiased review of binary options broker, we are going to review CM Trading. As always, the review will encompass several aspects about the CM Trading and how it compares to other actors such as option robot and several signal services on the field. Short review will tell you whether or not you should be involved with this actor and if it can help you in your binary trading success.

The review will provide detailed information regarding the organization, the promoters, kind of platform being provided by the brokerage house, the financial dealings by the CM Trading including bonuses, deposits & withdrawals, and the customer service offerings. To know more please read on…

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CM Trading Review

The CM Trading is owned by the Global Capital Markets Trading Limited, an organization having its registered address at P.O.Box 343, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

It is important to note here that the CM Trading (or the Global Capital Markets Trading Limited) does not have a regulatory approval from the well-known binary regulator like the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commissions (CySEC).

CM Trading Main Page

The Platform

The CM Trading being more into forex and CFD (Contracts for Difference) provides several trading platforms to their customers including MetaTrader 4, Sirix web trader, tablet trader and an android & IOS powered mobile app. The MetaTrader 4 and the Sirix platforms can be accessed through any internet supported devices.


It is universally accepted as the most advanced and well-known forex trading platform. The platform provides basic functionality for the naïve traders to the most advanced technical charting options for the seasoned and experienced trader. It has intuitive and user-friendly functionality and requires a little practice to comprehend. The platform provides convenience and its aesthetically placed tabs are perfect for trading in the forex market. The platform has most advanced capabilities for the technical charting, trading order management, and customization. It also allows you to make your own auto trading strategies and indicators.

The company claims that this platform is fully integrated and provides seamless trading experience, and also, it provides tight spreads and market execution without any requotes ever.

Advantages of the MetaTrader4:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Single-click execution
  • Limit orders
  • Real-time quotes
  • Advanced technical charting
  • Indicators and tools
  • Real-time analytics
CM Trading Batches

Sirix Platform:

The CM Trading’s Sirix platform is designed with online traders in mind. The platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface along with technical charting options in real-time. The Sirix platform provides accurate currency conversion and very high level of security.

Advantages of the Sirix platform:

  • 24 by 7 user updates
  • Allows you to backup
  • Highly secured and safe interface
  • Uses encryption to secure the data
  • Allows you to handle multiple accounts.
  • Ease of transaction
  • Online trading tips
  • Technical charting option

Both the platform provides trading into several assets including forex pairs, CFD’s on currency pairs, popular indices, commodities, and metals. The brokerage house also provides 200:1 leverage for the forex trading. However, we would warn our readers to take leverage carefully, as it increases your risk multiple times. The brokerage house also provides leverage on popular commodities like the Brent, crude, sugar and natural gas as 100:1.

The Sirix platform of the CM Trading provides copy trading option known as CopyKat. It allows the traders to copy the trades of the most successful traders on the platform. The option of copying can me made automatic or can be kept manual to suit your style. To utilize the services of the CM Trading, all you need to do is open an account, make a deposit and start trading.

The website also provides comprehensive education material to their registered users. The resources available for the learning includes video training, e-books, webinars, forex signals & strategies, fundamental & technical analysis, amongst others. The brokerage house also offers a demo account to practice your strategies and understand the platform. The demo account is a complete replica of the actual version which makes it easier for the naïve traders to comprehend the platform before placing their first real bet.

CM Trading Features

The brokerage house provides state of the art mobile applications for the traders who prefer to make their trades while they are on the go. The android users can download the application from the Google Play Store whereas the iPhone users can download the compatible application from the Apple’s App Store. Along with all of the above benefits, the website provides daily news and analysis, market trends, and other useful information to their members.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The CM Trading provides the most convenient and popular methods for depositing and withdrawing the funds. They accept payments through Visa & MasterCard credit and debit cards, e-wallets and bank wire transfers. The popular e-wallets through which the CM Trading accepts the payments include Neteller, CashU, MoneyNet, and FastPay amongst others. The customer needs to provide proof of payment if the payment is made through bank transfer and in case the payment has been made through cards, then the customer must provide the copy of front and back of the card. The customer can start trading in their accounts by making a minimum deposit of $ 250 or € 250. The currency of initial deposit sets the currency of accounts and once selected it cannot be altered.

The withdrawal process at the CM Trading is also seamless. To initiate the withdrawal from the account, the member has to select the preferred amount for withdrawal, select the mode of payments, and click the withdrawal request. The organization follows the Anti-Money Laundering and KYC guidelines and all their members must satiate these requirements in order to make the withdrawals. Customers are allowed to withdraw as low as $ 20 from their accounts and the processing of withdrawals takes anywhere between 2 to 3 days and depends upon the selected mode of payments.

Signup and Bonuses

The brokerage house requires standard form filling to register on their website. The trader has to provide information like their real name, address, and other generic fields. Each and every member of the website must comply with the KYC and AML guidelines. Also, the customer must register to activate their demo-account.  We advised our readers to go through their terms and conditions before initiating registration.

The CM Trading provides a generous bonus to their registered users. On the first deposit of any amount, the customers are entitled to receive a free e-book, while the customer who makes the deposit of more than $ 500 or up can get a deposit bonus up to 20% (max bonus of $ 1,000).

The registered users have an option to select from four account types. The following table provides the complete details about the various account types and their advantages.

Cm Trading Accounts

PS: Please read the terms and conditions on the website to know more about the account types and their offerings.

CM Trading Webinars

Customer Support

The professional promoters of the website have developed a robust customer support system to cater to all the customer needs from opening an account to assist in the understanding the various aspects. The website of the brokerage house is available in the English, Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa, and Spanish language to address the global customer needs. Customers can get a 24 by 5 assistance through an online chat system as well as phone numbers. Customers can also connect with the support team through an e-mail and postal address.

The company provides international contact numbers to cater to the worldwide clients.

The Verdict

The CM Trading provides full-fledged forex and CFD trading services to their clients through their robust platform and customer support system. The platform provides access to several assets including forex pairs, and CFD on commodities, stocks, indices and metals. It has a 256-encryption to provide a safe and secure environment for financial dealings as well as online trading. The licensed company from the FSB, the Blackstone Marketing SA (PTY) Ltd, is being represented by the Global Capital Markets Trading Limited. However, the Global Capital Markets Trading Limited does not have a direct license from any of the regulator. Our concern for the CM Trading is that it does not provide binary options for the trading rather it provides services in the forex and CFD market.

So, if you are a forex trader or interested in the CFD trading then the CM Trading can be a good option but if you are interested out and out binary options trading than this is not the right broker for you.

For your binary options trading requirements, we recommend using the services of the Option Robot. The Option Robot also has a well-established process in place and also it has been consistent in its customer support and financial dealings. The Option Robot also has an affiliation with well-known binary brokers.

Overall, the CM Trading is not a good option if you want to trade binary options, and hence we recommend you to enroll with the Option Robot for all your binary options trading requirements.

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Azure Method Review

Azure Method Review: The binary trading market has continuously evolved and in the recent times, there have been several offerings from the various automated binary software service providers or binary robots as you may call them who claims to simplify the trading and also offers signals to predict the trends of the securities in an accurate way. The flood of such brokers in the binary market with lucrative offerings has made a decision making very difficult for the naïve traders.

As a mission, we have taken the task to provide a comprehensive analysis of various bots and brokers to provide honest review and recommendations to our readers. Our reviews will definitely help you choose the right binary broker and or a binary trading software. In our endeavor, today, we are going to assess one of the claimants of automatic software and accurate prediction – The Azure Method. Please read the following text to get the detailed review about the Azure Method bot, the people behind the platform, and various other aspects.

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Azure Method Review

Anthony Azure, an alleged owner of the Azure Method Software is the owner of the website. We ran a web-scan to get the information about the Anthony Azure and his Azure Method Software, which resulted in a dead end. The website of the software does not have any information regarding the promoting company nor anything about the registration details of the company. Generally, any legit organization has registered company, registered address, a license to sell its services, and contact details including physical address, on their professional website. Our general belief was shattered as we could not find any information about the Azure Method and its promoters.

The information and the presentation video on the website makes many exorbitant promises about it being a zero-loss trading software and one can start making money as soon as he enrolls the website. These claims have induced as to further investigate the software before coming to conclusion.

The Platform

The Azure Method is an automated binary options trading software which frees the traders from the hassle of placing orders and executing trades. The trader has to complete the initial setup on the site and then sit back and watch his money grow – claims the software creator. The site also claims that the Azure Method software fastens the learning curve of the novice traders and makes them earn their profit in 7 of 10 trades placed through their software. The initial set up requires the traders to visit the website, fill in the required details, and deposit the minimum required amount to get started. Once you are through the initial setting process, you will be directed to their recommended brokerage sites and you will be able to place your trades.

Once you enter the website it prominently displays that you will start making $ 8750 per hour and the software is called “no-loss” software. These enormous claims have not been substantiated with solid data. On the other hand, Mr. Anthony Azure – owner of the website, claims that he requires another 46 beta testers to join already 4 beta-tester to test the software. These testers are required to help him to collect data about the performance of his “no-loss” software. The statement of making an unrealistic profit per hour and still asking for beta-tester doesn’t go well with each other. This definitely induced several thought in our mind. The website also provides a generous matching bonus on the initial deposit of $ 250. Though the claims seem very attractive to new traders, the traders must understand that even the smartest of the wall street traders are unable to generate such profits on a regular basis.

Everything on the website is designed as a marketing gimmick to attract the unsuspected investors to their scheme. The major concerns which look scrupulous are listed hereunder.

Azure Method Profit Claim

Fake Ownership

The website displays Anthony Azure as the founder and owner of the Azure Method Ltd. Any professional organization has a legit website, registration details, social media profiles, among other information available on the site. However, our investigation about the Anthony Azure and Azure Method Ltd has resulted in zero results. We couldn’t find any traces of them on the world wide web. This clearly indicates that the person on the website is a face and the real promoters are hiding behind his face. Such suspecting actions are devised by the con-artists, and hence our doubts.

Exorbitant Gains

Another method used by the con-artists is to lure the customers through some exaggerated profit amount. The website of the Azure Method indicates that the traders using their software can make $ 8750 per hour. Meaning, a customer can make more than $ 40K per day. Such humungous profit is unheard of and even the seasoned professionals of the wall-street are unable to generate such huge profits even after several years of experience. It clearly means that the amount of $ 8750 is used to aggravate your desire to become rich soon and exploit your emotions so that you join their website.

No-Loss Software

The website of the Azure Method claims that there is a zero-loss software. It means that the software makes profit 10 out of 10 trades and that too consistently. This is just a marketing tactic to attract the investors to their website because in reality, as in any financial trading, the binary options don’t have anything like no losses. The financial trading has both winning and losing attached to it, and the financial trading is so unpredictable that even the seasoned professionals after several years of wall-street experience are unable to comprehend the market completely and trade with 100 percent accuracy.

Azure Method Awards

Limited Seats!

Another strategy used by such scrupulous website is to use the “limited stock” offers. The website indicates that there are only limited seats are available at zero cost. Such techniques are deployed by many online marketers to lure the customers. This technique with timer pressurizes the scouting traders to enroll immediately so that he/she does not research well before jumping. Hence our advice to our readers is to read the terms and conditions carefully before initiating any financial transaction with any organization.

Affiliatesd Brokers

The website does not answer this questions and does not provide any information regarding their associated trading partners. Any trading software requires a broking partner to execute the trade, and non-availability of this information in itself is a big doubt creator. The website also does not provide enough information about the deposit and withdrawal processes followed by the website. Everything on the website adds up to our doubts and makes us believe that this one should definitely be avoided by our readers.

The Verdict

The website of the Azure Method deploys all the available marketing techniques to lure the scouting traders to their scheme of things. It prominently shows that the investors can make $ 8750 per hour while it does not explain how in the world this is possible? It also claims that the software is free but requires you to deposit $ 250 to start trading and that amount is also blocked with matching bonuses so that once the amount is deposited one cannot withdraw the fund without meeting the trading volume requirements. The most important aspect of which the website remains completely silent, like its affiliated partners, the company and promoters behind it, the registration details of the promoting company, and the financial dealing processes. Above facts have added to our suspicion and made us believe that one should avoid this software and the website completely.

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Overall, our investigation about the Azure Method has revealed some very important aspects and made us recommend our readers to completely avoid the software. We further reiterate to avoid the Azure Method and stick with the Option Robot for their signal service requirements.

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