Tera App Review

Tera App Review:As you know, for the last couple of years the binary option robot market has taken a quantum jump, so the ancillary services associated with it. The market has been witnessing an addition of a new auto trading software or a signal robot per week. Though this is a good sign for the binary trading, it has increased difficulty for the traders. Our endeavor always has been to aid our readers and binary traders to select the right auto-trading partner and broker to start the journey.

A mail from one of the readers asking for reviewing the Tera App, a new trading system which claims that they can help make $ 20,000 per day, has prompted us to review this self-acclaimed system. The following text describes the various aspects of the Tera App software for your consumption.

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Tera App Review

It is a known fact that a good promoter backs a good company, and our belief in this fact makes us investigate it at the beginning. The person behind the Tera App and as depicted in their promo video is Mr. Richard Heffner, but sadly, further investigation about the registration details and other important aspects have provided no results. Also, further investigation on Richard Heffner has unearthed some astonishing facts like the same guy has been a prominent face on several other scrupulous software providers.

This is a dangerous sign. The fact that the face shown in their promotional video has been on several other websites claiming to be the founder of respective sites, itself sends chills down our spine. To give you the proof, if you check the promotional video on the site, you will find that the video itself has “Terabit Trader” written on the top-left corner of the video. It had the same video and same name as the CEO. We are stunned! Aren’t you?

We continued our research to find more about the software before reaching the conclusion.

Tera App Features

The Platform

The website claims to provide “amazing” signals to their registered members with 93 percent accuracy. The website prominently uses red colored alphabets to attracts the eyes and it does nothing but boasts the success rate. Richard Heffner indicates in the promotional video that he has developed a smart math algorithm to provide 93 percent success ratio and has made 27 random people a millionaire in just 3 months. The website also displays an advert claiming that their members make $ 440,000 every single month or $ 850 every single hour.

Tera App

The promotional video indicates that there are only a few spots left before Richard Heffner closes the site for further registration. All you need to do is to register on the website, select the broker, and make a deposit to start making more than $ 20,000 in less than 24 hours.  He goes on to saying that he has developed a system in which their computer talks to each other through optical data transfer at a lightning fast speed. He goes on to adding that the software assesses the market in real-time and provides accurate signals, and with 93 percent accuracy rate you can make more than $ 20,000 in a day. The humungous claims on the website have been put without any substantial data to prove. Also, the tall claims on the home page of the website have not been supported by the disclaimer page of the website. On the disclaimer page, the website dismisses all the claims and goes on to say that the results may or may have been over compensated for the impact. How convenient! Isn’t it? This clearly shows that the creator of the website has claimed something on the home page while they have dismissed their claims on another page.

The website also shows some customer’s making a profit and the pictures are scrolling continuously but a close watch shows that it repeats the same faces on a regular interval. However, you cannot click anywhere get to see their live results. This is a clear sign of a fabricated results and the amount shown in each of the results are little hard to believe.

Our research on the Tera App has revealed some stunning facts about the organization and the named CEO. Each and every aspect of the website creates doubts and adds to it. We have enlisted our major doubts about the website for your consumption.

Promoter, Founder, CEO?

The person named as the promoter, founder, and CEO of the website is Richard Heffner. However, our investigation has revealed that the same person is featuring in several promo videos as CEO and founder of other websites, and hence we further investigated about the person and we found that the gentleman in the video is Patric D. Green as shown on the IMDB website.

This makes it very clear that the real promoter of the website is hiding behind the actor’s face, and we doubt that the name used is also a fabricated one. It is clear that Richard Heffner is a founder & CEO of a non-existence organization, and the real people are disguising the unscrupulous people at large. This is simply unacceptable by any standards.

This is an age old technique use by many notorious scam artists to mislead the naïve individuals and use persuasive words to attract them to the con.

Tera App Results

Unbelievable Claims

The Tera App claims that their software can predict the outcomes at an astonishing 93 percent accuracy and one can make $ 20,000 in less than 24 hours. These claims are unheard of in the financial market, and such results are difficult to come by even for the seasoned professionals on a consistent basis. The claims on the website are definitely unbelievable and as per our knowledge of the binary industry, the best available software provides an accuracy in the range of 80 percent. Also, the claims made on the home page of the website are not backed by any sizeable data.

Though the website’s home page makes tall claims about making 27 millionaires in just 3 months, the website’s disclaimer page tells the different story as it says that the simulation results can be overstated for the impact. The ambiguity presented on the two pages of the same website scares us.

Such techniques have been in vogue since the invent of world wide web wherein, the people with bogus intentions make exorbitant claims so that the innocent visitor of their website get trapped.

Only a Few Spots Left!

The promo video indicates that if you are hearing it then the registration is still allowed and once their desired numbers have been attained it will close. This is a well-known marketing tactic deployed by several websites to induce the innocent people to make an immediate purchase. It also stops the visitors to visit other third party websites and get an honest opinion. Such techniques have been prevalent in the retail market but now it has made inroads in the binary arena too!

Our humble request to each and every reader of ours is to research well before committing yourself to any particular broker or a signal service provider or any auto-trading software. Do your own research before blazing all guns!

Tera App Ease of Use

Cooperative Brokers

It is believed that the well-established binary brokers will always select the right partner as by affiliation they would be risking their reputation, and hence, we give priority to the software service provider who has a list of well-affiliated brokerage houses. As you would be knowing that, any auto-trading software requires a broker to executes the trade, but sadly, the Tera App remains completely silent on that front. It doesn’t reveal the names of their affiliates nor it provides any clue about how the trades would be executed. The unavailability of such a crucial information has added to our already long list of negatives about the website.

What’s The Magic Formula?

Richard Heffner indicates in the promotional video that their software works at a lightning fast speed to provide accurate and risk-less signals. We researched the entire website to find about the ingredients and theories behind their claims, but as usual with such websites, we couldn’t find even a single bit of information. Also, the explanation given in the video is aimed at the new-to-binary trading customer who doesn’t have any knowledge of the trading system as the promo video discuss the fiber optics and fast pace than the wall street broker terminal. The jargon used in the promotional video is out of context and does not provide any information. The complete lack of transparency on the part of the website creator is absolutely unacceptable.


Our review of the Tera App has unearthed the several critical aspects of the website and we can categorically inform you that we have not found any positive about the software. The claims made on the website have not been backed by any data nor the website’s claimed promoter provide any information regarding himself. However, our research has revealed that the person shown in the video is an actor and not the real founder. The website also remained completely silent about several critical aspects including the trade execution, affiliation, and licensing. The opaque nature of the website and the unheard claims without proofs are simply not acceptable. The website looks like a sales pitch to attract the innocent people to their scheme of things and it is absolutely difficult for us to trust them.

Hence, for those of you, who are looking for a signal service or an auto-trading software, we recommend going with the established player, the Option Robot. The Option Robot is very transparent about their affiliates and the affiliates also include some real big names of the binary trading. The Option Robot has earned their reputation with consistent and superlative customer service, product offerings, and their completely transparent financial dealings. These are some of the traits which one should be looking for in the auto trading software.

Overall, we recommend you to completely avoid the Tera App as their trustworthiness is hard to establish, further, stick with the well-established players like the Option Robot for your signal or auto-trading requirements.

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